Green Hell: How To Make A Bow

Bow down to the king of the jungle.

Green Hell

An Early Access success story, Green Hell from Creepy Jar takes the conventions of a normal survival game and cranks them up to 11. Everything wants to kill you, so you should probably try to defend yourself by making a bow early on.

Being set in the Amazon rainforest, you shouldn’t expect Green Hell to chuck Uzis your way, or for it really ever hand you any weapon to use. Instead, you have to make do with what you have via crafting what you find across the unwelcoming expanses of the rainforest.

Luckily for you, making a bow is one of the easiest things you can accomplish in Green Hell.

First off, you should go to a large tree with a chunky base and collect Liana, which will turn into rope in your inventory once you pick it up.

Once that’s done, hunt down a long stick. This can be found often on the jungle floor, or by chopping down a tree and then cutting a log. You can use either regular wood or bamboo for your bow.

Green Hell bow

With both of your items in-hand, go to crafting by holding C and then drag your items onto the crafting rock.

Green Hell bow

Select craft in the top of the HUD, and there you go: a bow to make you feel a little safer.

Green Hell bow

As for arrows, they require a bit more work.

To craft arrows, you need two feathers and one small stick.

Feathers can be found on birds (obviously), which tend to randomly die and be found on the jungle floor, or you can spear them if you have good aim. Small sticks, meanwhile, can be found by breaking down a log, then a long stick, and then a stick, or randomly on the jungle floor.

It’s worth practising with the bow as much as possible early on in Green Hell. Your character will have very poor aim to begin with, but using it continuously will give him improved skill, which you will need when the angry natives inevitably come a-knocking.

From our Green Hell review:

“Green Hell wants to put you through hell and back in an uncompromising and original survival experience with one of the best narratives the genre has ever provided to boot.”

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