10 Games Like Among Us You Should Check Out

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Among Us
Among Us

Among Us brought people together by teaching them the joys of stabbing each other in the back. Like any great social deduction game, Among Us is about players piecing together clues to expose a cold-blooded killer in their midst. Unless, of course, the killer is you, in which case you should tap into your inner sociopath and mislead the heck out of everyone. Looking for another game that’s full of tension, drama, and double-dealing? Check out this list of some of the best games like Among Us.


Games Like Among Us

1. Town of Salem

Town of Salem game
Town of Salem game

Developer: BlankMediaGames
Publisher: BlankMediaGames
Platforms: PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Browser

Town of Salem is an online social deduction game in which players are randomly assigned to one of several different teams. A team wins when they have successfully eliminated all opposing team members from play by either convincing a majority to vote in favor of lynching them or using special actions to kill them outright.

To spice things up, some players have “roles,” each with their own special action or unique win condition. For example, the Medium can speak to dead players at night, and the Jester wins by convincing everyone to lynch him. There are literally dozens of roles, and their special actions are all so different that no two will approach the game the same way.

Players begin with limited or no information about the true identities of the other players in the game. The fun is in finding out who’s who and using the chat to rile up communal aggression toward the people you want dead.

Town of Salem may seem overly complicated at first glance, but it only takes one game to get the general gist of how the game works. Those who loved the trickery and lies in Among Us will appreciate the delicious deception in Town of Salem.


2. Barotrauma


Developer: Undertow Games, FakeFish Games
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac

Treachery is part of the package for most of the games on this list of games like Among Us. You go in knowing that there’s a secret few working to undermine the efforts of the rest of the team. Barotrauma is different in that it doesn’t have to incentivize deceit — players are more than happy to engage in a bit of sabotage all on their own.

Set in the ocean on one of Jupiter’s moons, Barotrauma tasks teams of up to 16 players with operating a submarine in an underwater environment filled with massive, Lovecraftian horrors. Brushes with these aquatic creatures will damage your vessel, causing leaks to spring and equipment to break down. The players must work together to seal holes, pump water out of the submarine, and keep things in working order.

As things spiral out of control and minor blunders snowball into fatal mistakes, tensions between players will escalate and blame passed to and fro like a hot potato. Then there are the players with no intention of helping, griefers who get a kick out of riling other players up. Identifying and dealing with trolls is yet another issue on the stack to deal with.

Piloting and repairing the submarine in Barotrauma feels a bit like completing a neverending list of tasks in Among Us. Components and relationships will break down under the pressure, but that’s all part of the fun.


3. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler
Secret Hitler

Developer: Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage LLC, Breaking Games
Publisher: Blackbox
Platforms: Tabletop, Browser

Secret Hitler is a tabletop party game where up to 10 players work together to implement liberal policies that will stop the rise of fascism. However, as the game’s name suggests, some of the players are secretly Hitler himself and his fascist supporters, and they’ll be quietly working to push fascist policies while blocking liberal ones.

Players take turns acting as President, who nominates a Chancellor that the other players vote on. If the vote passes, the President draws three policy cards (which can be liberal or fascist), then hands two of them to the Chancellor. The Chancellor then decides which of the two policy cards they will enact.

Secret Hitler is all about sweet talk and subterfuge, so every great match will eventually devolve into a frenzy of finger pointing. Is the Chancellor enacting liberal policies because they’re liberal, or are they a fascist playing the long con? The President just gave you two fascist policies to enact — did they draw three fascist cards, or are they forcing you to lay one down to push suspicions on you?


4. Project Winter

Project Winter
Project Winter

Developer: Other Ocean Interactive
Publisher: Other Ocean Group
Platforms: PC, Xbox One

The gameplay loop in Project Winter should be familiar to those who’ve played Among Us. The players are adventurers trapped in a cabin in the arctic. They must work together to complete tasks so they can contact a rescue team to come and save them.

You also have to deal with the elements and wildlife on top of working to get in touch with rescuers. Wolves and bears make their home in those woods, so you don’t want to be caught out alone. Food must be cooked before eating, or you could get food poisoning. You can also craft weapons and items from materials gathered in the wilds.

Planted among the adventurers are traitors who must kill the adventurers and sabotage their efforts to call for help.

The cool thing is that when you vote someone out, that just means they can no longer enjoy the comforts of the cabin. Those voted out can still continue completing tasks, but with the added challenge of having to weather the challenges of nature on their own.

Project Winter feels like the next step for players graduating from Among Us. If you’re looking for something familiar with a bit of depth, give it a go.


5. Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within
Werewolves Within

Developer: Red Storm Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PC, PS4

Werewolves Within uses virtual reality technology to recreate the immensely social experience of a classic game of Werewolf via the internet. Several people have gone missing in the night, and now the townsfolk of Gallowston must band together to uncover and eliminate the werewolves hiding in their midst.

Players are randomly assigned roles at the start of a game that allow them to gain special information about other players. Every day, the town must discuss the clues they’ve gathered to identify who’s been killing the people of Gallowston. The trouble is: you never know who’s telling the truth.

Almost all of the games on this list are inspired by Werewolf and Mafia to some extent, usually with a heavily modified ruleset. Werewolves Within keeps things simple, which means players spend more time discussing (and lying) and less time juggling clues and roles.

Werewolves Within recreates a real-life party game experience among players who’ve never met in real life using some impressive technology. The positional tracking works together with a complex animation system that adjusts how the avatars emote based on volume and voice inflection, bringing immersion to the simple campfire format.

If you love social deduction games and have a VR headset, there’s no game on the market more immersive than Werewolves Within.


6. Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor
Secret Neighbor

Developer: Dynamic Pixels
Publisher: tinyBuild
Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android

Secret Neighbor is the multiplayer spinoff of the horror stealth game, Hello Neighbor. In Hello Neighbor, the player must sneak into the home of their suspicious neighbor to find out what horrible things he’s been hiding. Secret Neighbor expands on that concept by allowing several players to get in on the fun.

The players are neighborhood children who must sneak into the Neighbor’s home to free one of their friends. They do this by collecting basement keys that are scattered throughout the Neighbor’s home. As you might expect, one of those kids is actually the Neighbor in disguise, and he must keep the other players from entering his basement by capturing them.

Unlike in Among Us, getting found out as the Neighbor doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. The Neighbor has the ability to change up their entire appearance and change their username. Since the most efficient way to get the keys is for the players to split up, there’s always an opportunity for the neighbor to disguise themselves and catch players one of the Children off guard.

Secret Neighbor is a fun and exciting asymmetrical horror game for players of all ages. The simple ruleset and distinctive art style make it a game that should be instantly appealing to fans of the action-based whodunit.


7. Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight game
Hidden in Plain Sight game

Developer: Adam Spragg
Publisher: Adam Spragg
Platforms: PC

Hidden in Plain Sight is a collection of local multiplayer stealth party mini-games by solo developer Adam Spragg. All of the mini-games are based around the same concept: blend into a crowd of NPCs without getting caught. Each player has a task to complete, but they must do so without outing themselves. Each player has a gun that can be used to eliminate one player from the pack.

The multiple game modes are quick and fun, and they’re designed to create highly-intense moments of internal conflict. How fast can you work towards accomplishing your goal without making your movements obvious to the other players? Is it worth using your only bullet on that suspicious character?

Online gaming is awesome, but much of that rawness is missing when you’re interacting through a screen. The local multiplayer in Hidden in Plain Sight lets you see every held breath, tensed shoulder, and involuntary twitch. Among Us players who want something fun to play with their real-world friends will fall in love with the mini-games in Hidden in Plain Sight.


8. Triple Agent

Triple Agent game
Triple Agent game

Developer: Tasty Rook
Publisher: Tasty Rook
Platforms: iOS, Android

Triple Agent is a local multiplayer party game for mobile devices in which up to nine people play as Agents for the Service. Among the Agents are double agents, who secretly work for the nefarious VIRUS organization.The goal of the game is to convince a majority to imprison a member of the opposite team.

At the start, nobody knows the affiliation of the players around them. Players are given operations, which offer clues to the true identities of the other players in the game, but whether or not they want to share that info is at their discretion. Once all operations are completed, players are given two minutes to vote on one player to imprison.

While the rules are basic, things quickly get complicated as operations are completed. Some players will gladly share what they’ve learned, others will keep their clues close to the chest. Then there’s always the possibility that they’re lying through their teeth. Over time, each player will have developed their own ideas about the affiliations of everyone else. Then you’re given two minutes to try and bring those various thoughts into a single decision that could win or lose you the game.

Each round only lasts 10 minutes for short, intense sleuthing sessions, making it perfect for groups of friends who love the social chicanery and deductive reasoning that made Among Us a hit.


9. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen
Unfortunate Spacemen

Developer: Geoff “Zag” Keene
Publisher: New Blood Interactive
Platforms: PC

In Unfortunate Spacemen, up to 16 players must work together to complete various tasks scattered throughout the map. The trouble is that one of the players is a toothy alien monster in disguise. Sound familiar?

One key difference between this and Among Us: the Crew can fight back. If you’re certain you know who the Alien Impostor is, why wait for a tribunal to kick them out? Grab your guns and blast them to pieces for an instant win. Of course, killing the wrong person means you’re doing the alien’s work for them, and that could raise suspicions enough that it’s you who’s up next for the chopping block.

To keep things fun and unpredictable, players and the mutant can equip up to four perks, adding some variety and unpredictability to every new game. Some of the mutant perks are particularly game-changing and provide new ways to kill crewmembers, like the Acid Monster mutation, which lets you spit toxic bile at other players. Knowing how to identify and work around other players’ builds is absolutely vital if you want to stay alive.

If you’ve ever thought Among Us suffered from a severe lack of alien blasting, Unfortunate Spacemen has the gun-toting, face-tearing action you’re craving.


10. Deceit

Deceit horror game
Deceit horror game

Developer: Baseline
Publisher: Baseline
Platforms: PC

The premise of Deceit was clearly inspired by the Saw horror franchise. Six players have been kidnapped by a mysterious individual known only as the Game Master. They awaken on the bottom floor of an abandoned asylum and must work together in order to make their way to the exit on the top floor. The problem is, two of them are infected with a deadly virus.

Infected individuals look and act just like healthy players — at least when the lights are on. Blackouts will occur three times in a match, flooding the asylum in darkness and transforming the Infected into horrific creatures that can move at unnatural speeds. If they consume bags of blood, they gain the ability to execute Innocent players in an instant.

The multiplayer horror explodes into chaos when the lights go out, as players rush to gather fuses to turn the lights on and the Infected scramble to get their hands on blood bags so they can consume Innocents and win the game. But the real game lies in the quiet period in between blackouts — did she go for the camera to fend off the Infected when the inevitable blackout hits, or do they want to deny it from Innocents?

Unlike most social deduction games that start off slow, Deceit has players throwing accusations from the get-go. When a third of the people in your party are working against you, you find meaning in every move. Among Us players with the stomach for real horror should definitely give Deceit a fair shake.

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