Full List Of Wrestlers Released From NXT UK


It seems that NXT UK’s lifespan is careening towards its end with a staggering 21 wrestlers now having been released from their contracts. The news comes as WWE announce the launch of NXT Europe in 2023, as well as an upcoming Worlds Collide special in which NXT UK will battle with their American counterparts to determine which brand is more dominant, considering the news today, I think we all know the answer to come.

Below is the full list of NXT UK wrestlers that have been released from their contracts:

– Mark Andrews
– Flash Morgan Webster
– Wild Boar
– Amale
– Xia Brookside
– Eddie Dennis
– Saxton Huxley
– Amir Jordan
– Dani Luna
– Dave Mastiff
– Emilia McKenzie
– Primate
– Nina Samuels
– Sha Samuels
– Sid Scala
– Trent Seven
– Ashton Smith
– Jack Starz
– T-Bone
– Teoman
– Kenny Williams

This is truly a staggering amount of talent that’s being let go of, which comes as a surprise considering that Triple H has taken over things backstage. Although, speculation seems to be that with the introduction of NXT Europe, most of these wrestlers could have been offered to either move stateside or to wherever the European branch will be based (potentially Germany to partner with WXW).

Quite possibly the most surprising name on this list is Trent Seven, who has not only been a mainstay on the NXT UK roster but also has just entered a new run as a heel, recently turning on longtime partner Tyler Bate. Many fans expected Seven and Bate to develop a headlining feud for the promotion, potentially even giving it the surge of momentum it has needed since the pandemic.

On the plus side, this will mean big things for the British independent wrestling scene with an influx of talent returning to the UK to continue building their careers.

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