Fortnite’s Salty Springs Has Another Underground Bunker

Doomsday cometh.

With the “citizens” of the Fortnite map seemingly in panic mode, a new bunker has been discovered that will shelter them from the presumed upcoming event which will act in a very similar way to The Visitor’s rocket launch.

After bunkers popped up in the worst houses in Pleasant Park and also one in Retail Row, it looks like Salty Springs also has a new bunker. If you land here often, you’ll know that it already has the bunker in the blue house, which was introduced for Season 4 and is always the venue for some mayhem.

The new bunker in Salty Springs can be found at the house directly underneath the “cliff” with the tower.

You can find it if you go underneath the stairs and break the floor. There seems to be a tonne of chests here too, 3-4 in total. While this still doesn’t make me want to ever land at Salty owing to the fact that it is a nonsense place to land, it does make it more viable.

What do you think this all means? Is the UFO in Loot Lake and its runes going to drastically change the Fortnite map? Well, judging from leaks, two of the game’s most iconic spots are in trouble.

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