Fortnite Season 7’s Battle Pass Skins May Have Leaked Thanks To Apple

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Fortnite Season 7

Warning: if you don’t want to possibly find out what’s in the Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 7 in terms of skins, turn back now.

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With Fortnite Season 7 due to drop tomorrow, we’ve had our customary early leak of some of the skins we can expect to see — that is if this supposed leak from the iOS store is to be believed.

This wouldn’t mark the first time a storefront has leaked skins for upcoming Fortnite seasons ahead of time: both PlayStation and Xbox have been guilty of pushing a button a little too early in the past. This newest one is difficult to corroborate, but it looks legitimate enough and fits the theme of the season.

Here is your first glimpse of the Fortnite skins for Season 7, courtesy of @FortTory on Twitter and later detailed by @CrossLeaks.

And the image itself:

Fortnite season 7 skins 2

It’s not possible to replicate what the leaker supposedly saw on the App Store: either it was never there to begin with or it’s been hastily removed by either Epic Games or Apple. As things stand, take these skins with a pinch of salt.

However, there is some reason to believe that this is the legitimate lineup for the Battle Pass skins owing to what’s glimpsed on the right side of the screen. It appears to be the long-awaited Durr Burger onesie skin, which had recently been teased in a Loading Screen for Season 6. The skin itself was initially leaked long ago before never actually appearing.

Adding further weight to the potential of this being real is the “cat” skin, which looks very similar to the shape of a character in the most recent Season 7 teaser.

We’ll just have to wait and see for now, though we now know for certain that the ambitious Creative Mode is going to be an official part of Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7 starts tomorrow (December 6th). Based on these potentially leaked skins, will you be picking up the Battle Pass straight away?

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