Fortnite Season 7 Guide: Slide An Ice Puck Over 150m In a Single Throw

Looking to slide an Ice Puck over 150m in a single throw in Fortnite? Here's exactly how yo do it.

Don’t you just love Fortnite Battle Pass challenges that are so simple that it’s like getting a free tier? Week 6 of Season 7 asks that you slide an Ice Puck over 150m in a single throw, which is as straightforward a challenge as we’ve seen all season, though actually getting the Ice Puck to slide that far does require some finagling.

First off, you obviously need the Battle Pass for this one and also need to be at Tier 28. I am not hot on challenges that lock out certain players, but you can get to tier 28 from totally dusting off three weeks challenges in total without you having to do much else, so it’s not that bad.

A quick tip for this one is to “key” the Ice Puck to your emotes so that you can keep spamming the emote button and not have to keep scrolling through all the emotes you’ve no doubt accumulated over countless seasons.

So, for the Ice Puck to slide, you’re going to need to find somewhere covered in ice. There are a couple of frozen areas, the foothills of Viking Village and in the unnamed location itself, but the most obvious one is the artist formerly known as Greasy Grove — RIP for now, Greasy.

Fortnite Ice Puck

Make your way over to what used to be Greasy and try to throw the Ice Puck from one side of the “rink” to the next. You’ll notice that there are plenty of things blocking a path, so try to angle it to have a clear passageway.

However, you will only be able to get about 90 meters of sliding from the ground, so you are going to need to find some elevation. Throwing the Ice Puck off a slight elevation will somehow give it plenty of acceleration to help it reach the other side; don’t ask me how that works.

Here’s the spot I found that helped me to beat the challenge after plenty of messing around.

Fortnite Ice Puck

Remember to finish the match (either win or die) as quitting will not carry over your progress. I haven’t checked properly but I also expect a Chilly Gnome to be in this area for the challenge, possibly in the old fishing shop.

This is easily the simplest challenge for this week’s Battle Pass challenges, which we have a general walkthrough and tips for over this way. It’s not the easiest of weeks thanks to multi-stage challenges, but you will probably be able to get through it fairly quickly.

In all honestly, I can’t wait for this ice to be gone after Fortnite Season 7. Not only is Greasy seriously missed but my main landing spot in the factories near Happy Hamlet has lost two buildings.

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