Fornite: How To Perform Trail Thrasher Tricks


Trail Thrashers are the latest new vehicle to be added to Fortnite in Chapter 4 – Season 1 and they have the benefit of being able to traverse the new island’s sometimes difficult terrain. Utilising their cross-country capabilities, speed and improved handling can give players a distinct survival advantage over others as well as enabling them to escape a hairy scenario quickly and efficiently. Trail Thrasher dirt bikes can be found at various points across the map, and are not just an easy way to travel.

Trail Thrashers are also capable of executing impressive tricks including skidding around tight corners, charging up jumps to soar over obstacles that other vehicles would collide with, and even doing backflips. There are many ways of doing tricks on the Trail Thrashers dependent on your platform, but we’ve got all of the controls for all of the tricks right here. As well as the below controls, players can shoot whilst riding the Trail Thrashers by selecting the intended weapon and using the right triggers or left click on the mouse as normal. Turning while shooting is also possible.


Trail Thrasher Controls

  • Square / X / E – Mount/Dismount the Trail Thrasher
  • X / A / Space Bar – Jump
  • HOLD X / A / Space Bar – Charged Jump 
  • R3 / Right Analog Stick / Left Ctrl – Switch Seat
  • Circle / B / Left Shift – Power Slide or Trick
  • Down on D-Pad / B – Use Horn

In order to perform tricks by pressing and holding Circle, B or the Left Shift key, players can then rotate the analog sticks or movement keys whilst performing a trick. To elevate higher and have more time to perform complex tricks, charge your jump before doing so.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5PlayStation 4Xbox Series X | SXbox OneNintendo Switch, and Android.

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