Teaser Poster Released for Ip Man 4

Ip Man 4 poster featuring Ip Man's fists from behind

A teaser poster for the fourth instalment in the Ip Man series has just been released, depicting Donnie Yen as Ip Man, seen from behind:

The full Ip Man 4 poster, including Cantonese text

Donnie Yen (Ip Man) revealed the teaser poster on his Twitter account today, stating:

“Some prefer to call me the I P MAN. Filming begins 2018, I am back!” #donnieyen#甄子丹#ipman #kungfu#actionmovie#martialarts#actionstar

The tweet  showed off the full poster, and has been shared hundreds of times by Chinese and English accounts alike. I personally love that Yen hashtagged himself as an action star–the tweet now serves the dual purpose of being both a movie teaser and a great calling card for agents looking to cast him in more kicky/punchy roles.

If you haven’t checked out any of the Ip Man movies before, you can take a look at my review of every Donnie Yen movie currently available on UK Netflix, which includes my thoughts on all three of the first Ip Man films. Yen is also set to appear in an upcoming Sleeping Dogs movie adaptation, so it looks like it’ll be a busy few years for our favourite martial arts master. (I also have my fingers crossed for that solo Star Wars Chirrut/Baze movie where we see their space adventures, but one shouldn’t ask too much of the Donnie Yen Gods.)

Little is known so far about the upcoming instalment in the Ip Man movie series, but IMDb lists its release year as 2018 (presuming late 2018, considering Yen’s claims that the movie will be filming that year) and that Yen is returning to the title role. Without spoiling anything from Ip Man 3, I’m excited to see how Ip Man has changed since we last saw him, considering the personal emotional journey he will have no doubt been through between the end of Ip Man 3, and the beginning of 4.

Are you looking forward to Ip Man 4? What’s your favourite Donnie Yen role? Let us know in the comments below!

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