Edward Furlong To Return as John Connor in Terminator: Dark Fate

He's really back, baby.

Edward Furlong, the actor who played young John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, will be returning for the latest installment in the Terminator franchise. This news was announced at Comic Con, and has us excited for the mother-son dynamic that will play out on screen. Hamilton and Furlong’s portrayal of Sarah and John Connor was the highlight of Terminator 2, as well as Furlong’s connection with Schwarzenegger’s terminator. Furlong was the most memorable part of The movie, doing justice to the role despite his young age.

The news that Furlong will reprise his role is surprising, as he has struggled with a host of addiction problems since he began his career. While it seemed he had a promising career as a young actor, with his performance as John Connor and his role as Danny Vinyard opposite Edward Norton in American History X convincing the world he was going to be a star, this never quite panned out due to these addiction struggles. These issues were why he lost his John Connor role to Nick Stahl for the third Terminator movie.

Furlong hasn’t been in the best shape, but the chance to come back to the Terminator franchise might just be the catalyst to get him back on track. It hasn’t been confirmed how big of a part Furlong will have in Terminator: Dark Fate, but it does seem that it might not be a substantial one given the trailer’s focus on the narrative involving the three female characters. However, director Tim Miller might have more surprises up his sleeve, though it seems we might have to wait until the movie’s release on November 1st, 2019 to find out more.

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