Dark Souls 3 x Chalk = Some Seriously Lovely Art

Dark Souls 3 chalk art

Despite most of us still suffering through Bloodborne and the charming propensity it has to raise your blood pressure, the release of Dark Souls 3 is imminent. It marks the return of series veteran Hidetaka Miyazaki, who handed over the reins for the polarising but still excellent Dark Souls 2.

Ahead of it dropping on March 24th, the marketing campaign has kicked into full gear, but as this is Dark Souls, you shouldn’t expect anything conventional.

Rena Rena, a talented young Japanese artist, has collaborated with From Software to create some stunning chalk art. I can barely even play noughts and crosses with chalk, so this young woman has all my admiration. Well, not as much as I admire Callum for denying himself the opportunity to get excited about Dark Souls 3.

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