Cassetteboy Takes On Theresa May Ahead of UK General Election

"The government should be able to say more than strong and stable."

The music magician strikes once again. Cassetteboy, who’s made a name for himself with pastiches of political figures, has just taken on Theresa May ahead of the UK General Election.

You can check out Cassetteboy vs Theresa May below, in which May’s speeches are cut up to paint less than a pretty picture of the Prime Minister’s policies and infamous backtracking.

Just in case you aren’t in the know, Cassetteboy’s MO is to take speeches before editing them into a song, typically with a throwback song as the background music. He’s probably most famous for his David Cameron “remixes”, but he’s also covered The Apprentice, Jeremy Hunt and, of course, Donald Trump.

Don’t forget to vote on the 8th, people.


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