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EA Play
EA Play

Electronic Arts’ subscription service, EA Play, gives access to a variety of games for one monthly or annual cost. Subscribers also get exclusive rewards and content in certain games. There’s even early access before a game’s release. But what if you want to cancel EA Play?

Well, you won’t have access to its features, though; that includes free games, discounts, and exclusive content. However, if last month’s payment still lasts, then you can enjoy the features until the next renewal date.

It’s a service available not only on PC, but also on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S. So, there’s different ways to cancel it for each platform. It’s worth mentioning, though, that EA Play Pro is only available on PC.


How To Cancel EA Play (& Pro) On PC

Here’s how you cancel EA Play (the normal version or Pro) on your PC:

  • At EA’s website, log in your account.
  • Go to your EA Account and Billing settings, then to “Subscriptions”.
  • There, you can see your current membership status.
  • Select “Cancel Membership”.

If you’ve subscribed to EA Play on Steam, then it’s slightly different, but just as simple:

  • Log into your Steam account.
  • Go to “Recurring subscriptions”.
  • On EA’s subscription, select “Cancel my subscription” and “Apply”.

In case the subscription was made on your PlayStation account, but you want to cancel it on your browser, follow these steps:


How To Cancel EA Play On PS5

Here’s how you cancel EA Play on your PlayStation 5:

  • Go to “Settings”, then “Users and Accounts”.
  • Select “Account”.
  • Click on “Payment and Subscriptions”, and head to “Subscriptions”.
  • On EA’s service, select “Turn Off Auto-Renew”.

If you want to cancel your PlayStation EA Play subscription on your browser, check out the previous guide.


How To Cancel EA Play On PS4

Here’s how you cancel EA Play on your PlayStation 4:

  • Click on “Settings”, then “Account Management”.
  • Select “Account Information”.
  • Now, head to “PlayStation Subscriptions”.
  • Select EA’s subscription and click on “Turn Off Auto-Renew”.

In case you’re on your web browser, and you want to cancel your PlayStation EA Play, scroll up to the PC guide.


How To Cancel EA Play On Xbox

Here’s how to cancel your EA Play subscription on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One; Xbox players can even get a nice little refund:

  • Log into your account and go to its Services & subscriptions page.
  • Find EA Play, and select “Manage”.
  • Choose “Cancel subscription” or “Turn off recurring billing”.

To see if you’re eligible for a refund, choose “Cancel subscription”.

If you see the options “Don’t charge me on next renewal date”, and “Cancel immediately and get a refund”, that means you’re eligible for a refund.

But, if you’re not eligible for a refund, all you can do is turn off recurring billing.

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