BOOK REVIEW: The Creepypasta Collection Vol. 2, Edited by MrCreepyPasta

Creepypast vol 2

After one collection of stories from Creepypasta authors, popular Youtuber MrCreepyPasta returns with another. Some authors, like Max Lobdell and Vincent V. Cava, return for this collection as well as some new ones.

Since this is a second volume in a series, I couldn’t help but compare it to the first one. I’d say this one is a little better than the first. The good stories were better and more memorable than the first and the bad ones weren’t as bad. It also avoids the mistake the first one makes of having stories that reference other Creepypastas.

One of my favorite stories in this book is “For Love and Hot Chocolate” by K. Banning Kellum. Blain Kellerman’s wife Christine falls into a coma after a car accident. Every attempt to bring her out of it fails. One day, a mysterious man named Mr. Pinkerton shows up at his door. He promises that he can bring Christine out of the coma, if Blain can prove himself. This was an affecting and exciting story that kept me turning the page. It’s a familiar kind of story, where a desperate man makes a deal a deal with the devil, but it’s done very well.

My other favorite is Vincent V. Cava’s “Neptune’s Fancy.” A fishing boat catches a mermaid. The mermaid promises great riches to the crew if they bring her back to her home. While the Captain agrees, several of the crew members become suspicious. The narrator especially when he’s bitten by her, seemingly by mistake, and has nightmares of an underwater cult. This story mixes the elements of horror and sea adventure very well. While the late 19th century sailor argot is a bit inconsistent, it’s still a great story and makes a solid ending to the book.

One of the most disturbing stories in the book is “Slumber Party” by Ashley Franz Holzmann. While a group of boys spending the night at one of their friend’s house, a man makes his way into the house. There’s something extremely off about the man. And it’s not just the fact he gives the boys candy and money and sings about tickling their “tummies.” This story is incredibly disquieting and made me feel like I needed a shower after reading it. I believe that makes it an effective horror story, but mileage may vary among other readers.

Most of the bad stories are just forgettable. The anthology doesn’t put its best foot forward with “Your Secret Admirer” by CreepsMcPasta, in which a teenage stalker takes revenge on the people bullying the object of his affection.. It’s not a bad concept for a story, but too many things happen that stretched plausibility. Just as one example, how is the narrator able to not only engage in elaborate tortures but able to avoid the police when they make no apparent effort to hide their crimes?

My least favorite story in the book is “The Beast of Battered Grove” by Christopher Maxim. It’s plagued by awkward prose. I was able to forgive this for the most part, as once the story picks up it becomes very engaging. A woman meets a strange beast in the middle of the woods and forms a bond with it. While the story picks up in the middle, it also falls on its face with a forced and frustrating ending.

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Creepypast vol 2
This second in a series of Creepypasta collections is even better than the first. If you enjoyed Vol. 1, you'll certainly enjoy this one as well. If you haven't, I'd recommend starting with this one instead of the first. Horror fans will certainly find something here to like.