AEW All Out Match Card & Predictions

Are you all in for All Out?

All Out AEW

In just over one week, AEW returns with its next massively anticipated show, All Out. It’s fair to say that the majority of wrestling fans worldwide are looking forward to this ever since their immense showings with All In, Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen.

All Elite Wrestling does not have the benefit of weekly shows to build feuds and cards (until October, anyway) unless you stay glued to social media and/or the YouTube channels ‘Being The Elite’ and ‘All Elite Wrestling’ respectively. But even that hasn’t stopped that brand from selling out shows within minutes and Vince McMahon no doubt breaking into the slightest of sweats.

If All Out is set to become one of AEW’s marquee events, then we are left to effectively treat this as their rival to Summerslam – ‘The Most Elite Party of the Summer’. If any AEW reps are reading, you can keep that one.

All Out is bound to set much of the groundwork for the upstart brand ahead of their TV tapings in a month’s time, with the first AEW World Champion at last being crowned, along with matches that will have huge implications for the womens’ and tag title scenes too.

With that said, let’s take a look at the August 31st card in the sold-out Sears Centre in Chicago and get our predictions All Out. See what I did there?


Jack Evans & Angelico vs Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen)

After a killer showing performance at Fyter Fest, there are a lot of eyes on Private Party right now. They quickly went from a relatively unknown duo to a hot up-and-coming team in the span of a match, and now face a big challenge against the established pairing of Evans and Angelico.

While this match does not have direct implications as far as the pending AEW Tag Tournament is concerned, The Young Bucks recently announced that they will be facing Private Party in the tourney’s first round during TV tapings. Evans and Angelico have yet to pick up a win in AEW, but if you’ve got a match with The Bucks coming up, you can’t afford a loss just yet.

Prediction: Private Party


21-Woman Casino Battle Royal

The Casino Battle Royal first featured at AEW’s inaugural Double-or-Nothing event and makes its return here, with the winner here receiving a shot at the championship at the October 2nd TV taping.

Announced for the Battle Royal so far are:

Brandi Rhodes, Allie, Yuka Sakazaki, Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Jazz, Ivelisse, Teal Piper, Big Swole and Saddie Gibbs, with 11 more to be announced as of this writing (though we are expecting a surprise or two, of course).

At this early stage in AEW’s life, it’s difficult to predict an outright winner here, but solely on the basis that the company has been promoting her as the face of the division, the smart money is for Britt Baker win the Battle Royal.

Prediction: Britt Baker

Main Show

Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt vs SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky)

Confirmed as of episode 167 of ‘Being The Elite’, So Cal’s favourite trio will take on three of wrestling’s most popular figures in Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt.

The pairing of Lucha and Jungle Boy has been an unexpected revelation, and the addition of Marko Stunt is only a boost to this team. I expect we’ll be seeing more of them, in some variation, and wouldn’t be surprised to see them as an AEW stable going forward.

SCU are currently sitting at two wind and two losses throughout their AEW tenure but another loss won’t kill their credibility here. Going into the TV tapings, only good things can come from putting over Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, so SCU taking a third L won’t hurt them at All Out.

Prediction: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt


Riho vs Hikaru Shida

Say what you like about AEW, but they have offered a diverse roster international talent, especially when it comes to the Joshi stars, who have been given a mighty platform to showcase their incredible talents to the world.

Riho already has two wins under her belt, even picking up a pinfall over Nyla Rose in a previous showing.

It seems evident that AEW is looking to put a spotlight on Rhio, so I can’t see her momentum coming to a halt here. Heck, another win may even put her in title contention.

Prediction: Riho


Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Berretta) vs The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson)

For A First Bound Bye in the AEW World Tag Team Tournament

The most hug-loving wrestlers since Bayley, Taylor and Berretta, finally get an opportunity to settle their differences with The Dark Order at All Out, after being jumped by the sinister pair at Double-or-Nothing.

As much as I love Best Friends (Chuck Taylor’s Twitter is easily the greatest wrestling Twitter in use today), The Dark Order are being positioned as the dominant tag team of the burgeoning division. Plus, you can’t just give Evil Uno a horde of smaller Evil Uno minions/human throne boys and have it go nowhere.

Prediction: The Dark Order


Darby Allin vs Jimmy Havoc vs Joey Janela

What do you do when you have three of the most hardcore figures in wrestling? Throw them in a three-way match, of course.

After losing a six-man tag match to MJF, Shawn Spears and Sammy Guevara at Fight for the Fallen, Allin, Havoc and Janela all blamed each for the loss and have pretty much been brawling ever since.

All three men in this match have been presented strongly by AEW, with Janela recently coming up short in a hardcore brawl against Jox Moxley, Allin taking Cody Rhodes to a time-limit draw, and Havoc being featured in a feud with MJF.

I expect this match will inevitably see weapons thrown into the mix and chaos to ensue. Between the three, there will be no half-measures on display here.

All three have pretty large followings, but I’m going to lean in favour of the former CZW Tournament of Death winner, Jimmy Havoc.

Prediction: Jimmy Havoc


Lucha Brothers (Fenix and Pentagon Jr) vs The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)

AAA World Tag Team Championship

One of 2019’s hottest wrestling feuds has undoubtedly been the rivalry between The Young Bucks and the Lucha Bros. Tell me I’m wrong. Exactly – you can’t.

These four men have been putting on ridiculous show stealers all summer long and look to bring things to the next level in a ladder match for the tag belts the two teams have traded back and forth in that time.

This match will surely get some of the loudest pops of the night and contain absurd and jaw dropping spots left, right and centre. Even writing this, I don’t know that my little heart is ready for the spectacle of things to come.

However, with the AEW Tag Team tourney fast approaching, I’m thinking that this will be where the Bucks detour away from the Lucha Bros, for a while at least.

For me, Fenix and Pentagon Jr are a sure bet to pick up a huge win at All Out.

Prediction: Lucha Bros


Cody Rhodes vs Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard)

Back at Fyter Fest, Shawn Spears cracked Cody over the head with the chairshot heard around the world, propelling the man previously known as Tye Dillinger to one of AEW’s most hated characters.

It brought a lot of attention to Spears and AEW (though not all for the right reasons), immediately putting Shawn in a top spot within the company as a major player.

So why did he try to break Cody’s head in half? Well, simply put, Rhodes referred to his former best friend as merely a “good hand”. As Spears explained to Jim Ross in an interview, in certain wrestling circles, especially towards people you are close with, you just do not describe someone as a “good hand”.

The former “Perfect 10” has now been given considerable stock in AEW, so it makes no sense for him to take a loss against Rhodes.

Prediction: Shawn Spears


Kenny Omega vs PAC

Jon Moxley took to Twitter to announce that, due to a case of MRSA in his elbow, the match against Omega was cancelled.

However, from the ashes comes a more than adequate replacement – PAC.

Despite being one of AEW’s top signing, PAC has been notably absent, owing to loyalties to Dragon Gate and not wanting to take a loss while he was champion there.

PAC has since lost his championship, and now we get a dream match to replace a dream match. What a time to be alive.

This will be PAC’s first match for the company and, that being the case, PAC is basically a dead cert to go over here. Omega has already taken losses and another won’t hurt him at this juncture, though it will be interesting to see what AEW has in store for the former IWPG Heavyweight Champion from here on out.

Prediction: PAC


Adam Page vs Chris Jericho

AEW World Championship

The championship bout that has been months in the making is finally here.

After ‘Hangman’ Adam Page was originally set to fight PAC to determine the inaugural AEW Champion, we got a more than suitable replacement in ‘The Alpha’, Chris Jericho. Page won the first-ever Casino Battle Royal to secure his spot here, whereas Jericho knocked off rival Kenny Omega to take the opposing spot.

Jericho is the perfect asshole bad guy for Page to feud with and will absolutely make ‘Hangman’ look like a star in the All Out main event. If Page were still facing PAC, then I’d give the win to Page – after all, he’s young, a workhorse and has all the attributes needed to carry the company as a fresh face.

However, putting Jericho into the picture has me seriously conflicted. Now, admittedly, at this point in his long, illustrious career, Jericho can afford a loss and doesn’t need a championship. Not to mention that a win over Jericho will be massive for Page.

With TV tapings approaching fast, I think that, from a business perspective, it would make more sense to put the belt on Jericho. He’s a huge name in the industry and is a guarantee to put eyes onto the product. After that, AEW can build towards a Page/Jericho rematch and have us invest in ‘Hangman’ as he chases for the belt.

It’s a case of the head versus the heart, but my head says Jericho wins here.

Prediction: Chris Jericho

So there you have it, my predictions going into AEW All Out on August 31st.The AEW shows so far have been extraordinary, and we are expecting more big things here. I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens.

Do you agree with the predictions, or do you think we are All Out of brain cells and got it completely wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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