5 Matches That Should Be Booked For AEW All In: London 2

The countdown begins.

All In
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The sun has set on a crazy weekend of wrestling in London. After many years of waiting, UK fans finally received a stadium event with all the pomp and circumstance of mainstream entertainment. With highlight performances across the entire card and a raucous crowd who were alive throughout the show, there was no surprise that AEW wanted to do a repeat visit in August 2024. So with the countdown beginning, what matches would fans want to see in Wembley Stadium next summer?

All Out: London suffered from a few unfortunately timed injuries to the likes of Bryan Danielson, PAC and Rey Fenix, there’s no doubt that all three men would have been booked somewhere on the card, giving the 81k+ fans in attendance yet another reason to sing and scream. Next year has to be even bigger with these names involved, plus maybe a few extra stars pulled in from other promotions to help give All Out 2 an equally special feel to the first instalment.

So without further ado, here are five matches that we could see on next year’s All In: London card.


1. Will Ospreay vs MJF

Will Ospreay
Source: AEW

‘The Aerial Assassin’ put on a show-stealer against Chris Jericho at Wembley, bringing out the best of ‘Y2J’ and elevating his own star to an entirely new level. Ospreay is one of the many homegrown talents that have been a hero to the UK wrestling scene, he absolutely deserves to be put in front of tens of thousands of grateful fans, having reached the pinnacle of his craft. Ospreay left a victor and a national treasure, so there’s no doubt that if anyone from the English isles were to step up and challenge for the AEW Championship next year, then it should be Billy Goat.

Ospreay seems to be tying loose ends in NJPW, with a potential permanent jump to AEW fixed for this coming year. Ospreay easily has enough wins and big matches under his belt to become an instant threat to the world champion. Now, if MJF manages to hold onto the title until next August, then bringing him back to his heel-persona would be a must for this feud.

Ospreay coming in as the beloved countryman against MJF’s fully-villainous side would be a spectacle to watch inside and outside of the ring. This could even be the perfect opportunity to crown a new champion with a massive crowd who are fully behind the new flag-bearer of professional wrestling.

Think Clash at the Castle, but done right.


2. PAC vs Darby Allin

Source: AEW

Before Will Ospreay, before Zack Sabre Jr, before all of the legends of BritWres, was ‘The Bastard’. PAC has been waiting for his big moment since joining the ranks of AEW, he deserves Wembley Stadium and he deserves his time to shine. Considering he was one of the bigger names to join the inaugural AEW roster, it’s a shame that he hasn’t seen much in the way of marquee matches, aside from the occasional Trios bout and his feud with Kenny Omega.

PAC could easily fit into the TNT Championship picture come Wembley next year and imagining who might likely have the title by then, Darby Allin could be a fantastic match-up for the returning Newcastle lad.

It might not be the headlining match of the night, but it’ll certainly be a banger and one that PAC would thrive in.


3. Bryan Danielson vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Bryan Danielson
Source: AEW

A match which could have and should have happened back at the first-ever Forbidden Door pay-per-view, these two technical genius’ are set to eventually do battle when the time is right. With Danielson on the injured list during AEW’s trip to London, he is undoubtedly going to be one of the most requested wrestlers to see on next year’s card. Obviously, AEW could set him up for a championship match or something to do with the Blackpool Combat Club, but instead how great would it be to see the dream match in the opponent’s home country.

Zack Sabre Jr. should be considered on the same level as Will Ospreay as far as talented wrestlers go. Zack has been a pillar of BritWres and made a huge splash in New Japan, recently joining TMDK as their front man. Zack and Bryan would definitely enjoy putting together a very technical, chain-based graps-fest.

Much like Ospreay’s appearance this year, Zack would likely receive a massive reception as a reward for all of his efforts over the years at establishing our scene.


4. Lucha Brothers vs The Young Bucks

Lucha Brothers
Source: AEW

While we did get Penta at Wembley this year, we unfortunately did miss out on his brother, Fenix, due to injury. Penta put on one heck of a show with Stadium Stampede but what would be even sweeter would be to see him and his Lucha Bro doing what they do best – tag team wrestling.

All In London featured an absolute treat of a Tag title match between FTR and The Young Bucks. As much as I would love to say let’s run it back again for next year, what would be even better would be a throwback to one of AEW’s best tag feuds. The Bucks and the Luchas had a fantastic series of title matches during AEW’s early days, culminating with a stellar cage match at All In two years ago.

UK fans would be delighted to see an epic reboot of their series at Wembley and it would be a huge credit to their success in building a great duos division. Why not throw some ladders in, maybe some chairs and some tables too?


5. Nigel McGuinness vs CM Punk

Nigel McGuinness
Source: WWE

It felt like we came so close to seeing Nigel McGuinness back in a wrestling ring at Wembley stadium. Nigel has even come out himself and said that it would take a venue such as that and an opponent worthy of bringing him out of retirement (Bryan Danielson?) to get him into trunks and boots again. AEW seems like the place that would make that dream come true.

McGuinness could easily match up with most of his old rivals on the roster, but one that could possibly draw the most, other than Bryan, is CM Punk. Now, this of course relies on AEW actually keeping Punk around following the latest drama between him and Jack Perry. If he was to still be employed by next August, then the best road to take would be by turning him into a fully-fledged heel who despises wrestling in general. Playing the reluctant performer who’s looking for an easy paycheque, Punk would be the perfect villain to play against a returning Nigel McGuinness.

Nigel and Punk have enough history to ensure that the match would be safe and entertaining, regardless of who he’s put in the ring with, McGuinness deserves this comeback moment.

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