5 WWE Superstars That Should Win The 24/7 Championship

Who are the kings of the undercard?

Source: WWE

The brand new 24/7 Championship was revealed on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, and has since been the talk of the wrestling world. Mick Foley announced that the title can be defended at any time, as long as the challenger brings a referee to officiate. Three members of the WWE main roster have already added their names to the championship’s very brief history, with potentially more challengers waiting in the wings on SmackDown Live tonight, who could possibly walk out with the big green belt around their waist?

In this list, we’re going to run down 5 superstars who deserve to have a run (if you can even call it that after only 10 minutes) with the 24/7 Championship. Who from the vast undercard of the main roster deserves to finally have an accolade to their name? Who could make the jump from NXT or 205 Live to stake their claim? Let us know your top five in the comments below.


1. Apollo Crews

Source: WWE

Apollo has forever been one of the WWE’s top prospects. Occasionally he’ll be given a couple of televised wins on Raw, but usually gets lost in the shuffle and never quite makes it into relevancy. It’s almost silly that his sheer amount of talent hasn’t netted him a title yet as he would make for an ideal mid-card champion at some point in his career.

In the meantime, Crews should definitely make a name for himself with the 24/7 Championship, openly defending it on every show to prove himself worthy of a push outside of the undercard. Crews is one of those athletes that you look at and believe that he could out-perform pretty much anyone on the roster. I personally think Apollo could make waves with the 24/7 title and put on some excellent matches in the meantime, establishing it as a championship that should be taken seriously.


2. Cesaro


If Kofi Kingston can win a world title in 2019, then surely Cesaro can pick up the 24/7 title. Cesaro seems to be going under some sort of repackage on Monday Night Raw, recently being given a new entrance theme and a couple of victories to boot. I think it’s high time The Swiss Cyborg finds himself with singles gold around his waist, to start building him as the headlining superstar that everyone wants to see him become.

Like Apollo, Cesaro is insanely talented and could legitimately out-wrestle most of the champions in WWE right now. Seeing him perform against all-comers on a nightly basis would only go to prove to those few not sold on him still that he’s worthy of that place in the main event scene.

Also, tell me you wouldn’t want to see him swing someone for 24 hours straight.


3. Chad Gable

Gable vs. Jey Uso
Source: WWE

One of my unsung heroes of the WWE main roster is the former Raw and SD Live tag champ, Chad Gable. The Olympic wrestler has flirted with the singles division on occasion, but never really generated enough momentum to make him a threat to anyone outside of the undercard. It’s time for Gable to break out on his own and get a few title wins to his name.

The 24/7 Championship is made to give guys like Gable something to be recognised by. The title shouldn’t just be a prop, it’s something to signify that they’re above the rest of their fellow colleagues who are relegated to Main Event each week. Gable deserves to be given that credit, before he gets snapped up by other elite wrestling promotions.


4. Dave Mastiff

Source: WWE

The Bomber has been picking up some impressive wins on NXT UK. Mastiff is quite the striking individual who gives you the impression that he’s going to be a future champion. While Walter dominates as UK Champ, maybe Big Dave could pick up a title elsewhere in the WWE and go for the 24/7 Championship? Foley did heavily imply that superstars from anywhere inside WWE could challenge for it, what a way for an NXT UK star to establish themselves to the mainstream audience.

Mastiff isn’t the most unknown star from the British promotion, in fact outside of British Strong Style, Walter and Flash Morgan Webster, he might be one of the most recognised names. So if he were to make an impact on the main roster, I doubt it would fall on deaf ears. Mastiff would be a fantastic ambassador for the brand, used as a dominant 24/7 champion.


5. EC3


I’ve been very vocal about how frustrated I am with WWE for dropping EC3 and burying him since his main roster debut. EC3 has heaps of talent, both in the ring and on the mic. Should Vince be willing to have another go at establishing him on Raw and SmackDown Live, then the 24/7 Championship is the best way to do so. By giving EC3 a moment to actually have a fighting chance against another wrestler and defeat them cleanly, fans would instantly see EC3 as a credible champion.

EC3 could truly establish the 24/7 title as something of a reset button, giving superstars that haven’t had the best luck on the main roster another chance to shine and make a name for themselves. This sort of opportunity could go to several names — I mean, just take a pick from the handful of guys you see on Main Event each week, but out of all of those names, EC3 needs it the most.

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