The 31 Horror Books in 31 Days Challenge Announcement

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You’ve heard of the “31 Horror Movies in 31 Days Challenge,” I’m sure. Last year I completed that pretty easily. This year, I’m going to challenge myself to read 31 horror books by the end of October. I’m taking this as an opportunity to read both new and old horror books. Each week, I’m going to briefly discuss the books that I read until I either complete the challenge or miss the October 31st deadline. I’ve decided if I’m going to do this challenge, I should set some ground rules for myself.

1. I want to focus mostly on books I haven’t read, so I will not re-read any books that I read within the past 3 years. I can revisit books I read before that but nothing after.

2. I’m using a broad definition of horror, both in form and content. I’m including poetry, plays, and experimental prose. I’m also including things like dark fantasies, dark comedies, bizarro, and non-fiction as long as they have a “horror” theme to them. I’m always interested in odd works and that applies just as much here.

3. I’m counting things like chapbooks and Kindle singles as one book. That may seem like cheating, but I believe something published as a single work should be treated as such. I also think short books are very underrated. Plus, longer books that I plan to read will balance it out.

4. I don’t necessarily need to read a book a day. That might be ideal, but probably unrealistic with the time longer books may take.

5. For my weekly discussions, I must devote at least three sentences to each book. I want to keep myself from getting too lazy and I want to give each book it’s due. The only exception is if I plan to give the book a full separate review.

So there’s the basics. The dates the discussions will go up will be at the editor’s discretion, but on my end I’ll have them ready so they do get posted during the week. Obviously, you’re all welcome to join me, even if you’ll be playing catch up at this point.

See you in the first weekly discussion!

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