YOUTUBER RECS: Jean Bookishthoughts

jean BookishThoughts

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Jean Bookishthoughts

Jean Menzies

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How did you get started on YouTube?
I already loved watching it and wanted to be apart of that community that were sharing there thoughts on topics I found interested in and wanted to chip my two cents in on too. After uploading my first video, over 6 years I gradually built up the confidence and skills to make better and more regular content.

Which other creators inspire you the most?
RhymingWithOranges, JustKissMyFrog & WordsofaReader

Where do you see the channel in a year’s time?
Hopefully part the same wonderful engaging community and growing the amount of thoughtful, important content creating discussions around social issues and politics through literature.

Do you have any equipment to recommend?
I love my DSLR (almost 1 year old now) but if already have a smart phone I think the best bit of equipment you can invest in is a tripod with an iPhone adapter (under £20 on Amazon).

Anything else we should know?
Thanks for asking me to submit my channel; I’m enjoying browsing the site!

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