Warrior Nun: Season 3 – What You Should Know

Warrior Nun
Warrior Nun

“Warrior” and “Nun” are two words you wouldn’t normally see together, but here you are. Warrior Nun is a show about Ava Silva, a girl seemingly revived from the dead, gaining divine supernatural powers. She is then pulled into a war between the holy and unholy forces of heaven and hell. That’s not all though, as there are forces that are working even beyond these two.

Warrior Nun: Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger, leaving the characters on the verge of a holy war. The Divinium Sword suddenly glowing blue is another ominous omen that needs some answers. So when exactly is the holy war coming? Here’s what you should know about Warrior Nun: Season 3.


When Is Warrior Nun: Season 3 Being Released?

Although it was initially canceled by Netflix, a tweet from Simon Barry, Warrior Nun’s showrunner, has changed all that. Warrior Nun: Season 3 will be coming. However, a specific release date hasn’t come out yet.

Admittedly, it might not even be Warrior Nun: Season 3. Simon Barry hinted at the series continuing, but for all we know, it could be through something else. He could be talking about a movie, spin-off series, or anything other than a sequel season. After all, Warrior Nun was a film before a TV series and a comic book series before both.

Netflix, on the other hand, has made no announcements about reviving the show on its platform. After the cancellation, it seems Warrior Nun may have to find a new home.


Will The Cast Return For Warrior Nun: Season 3?

Apart from the little teasing statement from Simon, not much is known about Warrior Nun: Season 3, including the cast. They are no longer contracted since Netflix canceled the show, so none of them are obligated to return to their roles. If some of the actors are busy or simply don’t feel like coming back, they sadly won’t.

Alba Ulloa, the actress who plays Ava herself currently has a bunch of projects lined up. Other big names in the cast, like Tristan Ulloa (Father Vincent), Thekla Reuten (Jillian Salvius), and William Miller (Adriel) also have roles in upcoming films and shows.

Of course, they could just wait until the actors’ schedules have freed up, but that will definitely take some time and careful planning.


What Will Warrior Nun: Season 3 Be About?

The Season 2 finale finally saw Adriel’s downfall. Or at least what seemed like his downfall. He gets torn apart by demons from his own realm. Immortality has a lot of perks though. The writers can easily find a way to bring him back for Warrior Nun: Season 3 if they wanted to. He is the “big bad guy” of the series after all.

To preserve Ava’s life, she was sent through the Arc. It’s pretty safe to say that through divine miracles and Hollywood writing, she’ll survive it. The Divinium Sword glowing in the Season 2 finale is also a good sign. It indicates the presence of a Halo, which very likely means Ava is already healed up somewhere across the Arc.

All of this is hinting at a continuation of Ava’s story. She comes back, helps the Order of the Cruciform in the incoming war, and all’s good.

However, there’s always the chance that Warrior Nun: Season 3 doesn’t continue Ava’s story. There’s the off chance that Ava doesn’t get to come back, maybe due to Alba suddenly getting contractual issues, or something else. The series can always use another Warrior Nun. The comics have a bunch of spin-offs. So, they could use protagonists from there, like Warrior Nun Brigantia or Dora.

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