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Wait, Are Netflix Making A Zombie Comedy?

Netflix have really ramped up their original content output lately. It’s meant a lot of their shows have begun to fly under the radar.

Take Santa Clarita Diet, for example.

Here’s a show about married middle class realtors Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant). They lead normal lives until Sheila undergoes a personal transformation. Sounds like a bunch of rich white people problems, right? Except that personal transformation is Sheila becoming a zombie.

Seriously, Netflix, were you trying to sneak a zombie show past us behind our backs? Did you think we’d be mad? Are you worried zombies might not be cool anymore?

Anyway, Barrymore and Olyphant have showed up this week in a couple of short teaser spots for the show. By the looks of things Santa Clarita Diet is doing that thing of mixing wacky subject matter with straight faced delivery. See for yourself:

CBS’s BrainDead sort of did this last year, but while it was really funny it didn’t draw in the ratings to earn it a second season. It’s probably lucky, then, that Santa Clarita Diet is on Netflix. Plus it’s got zombies and Drew Barrymore (and Drew Barrymore as a zombie), which doesn’t hurt.

Santa Clarita Diet hits Netflix February 3.


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