The Last Of Us: Season 2 – Release Date & What You Should Know

The Last of Us Season 2
The Last of Us Season 2

There’s almost nothing that gives a gamer more anxiety than hearing that their favorite game is getting a live-action release. Time and again, live-action adaptations of video games have been major flops. This is why The Last Of Us: Season 1 was a pleasant and much-needed surprise as such a faithful adaptation that still did enough of its own thing to stand out and win millions of brand new fans.

Fortunately, the series was renewed after the success of the first two episodes, with the show only getting more and more popular as the weeks progressed. Now that the first season has wrapped up, when is The Last Of Us: Season 2 being released?

This retelling of Joel and Ellie’s journey through a post-apocalyptic America kept the soul of the game’s story. It made fans feel that the show was actually made by people who cared about the IP. The first season encompassed the story of the entire first game and the “Left Behind” DLC chapter. Given the show’s faithfulness to the source material, the obvious route for Season 2 would be to adapt The Last Of Us Part II.


When Is The Last Of Us: Season 2 Coming Out?

An interview with Pedro Pascal, Joel’s actor, revealed the possibility of filming for Season 2 starting this year. Given the timeframe of how the first season went, The Last Of Us: Season 2 can be expected to come out sometime in late 2024 to early 2025.

One of the reasons that the first season’s production took so long might have been the Covid pandemic, so with some luck, The Last Of Us: Season 2 might come out faster than Season 1 did. It’s also not adapting the entirety of the second game, which is twice as big as the first game and so needs to be adapted across multiple seasons, as confirmed by the creators.


Who Is In The Cast Of The Last Of Us: Season 2?

An interview with W Magazine confirms that Bella Ramsey will be coming back as Ellie Williams. If you’ve seen or played the sequel, The Last Of Us Part II features an older and more serious Ellie. It will be interesting to see how Bella tackles this sort of role, as Ellie grew noticeably between games.

The response to when they might start filming The Last Of Us: Season 2 has confirmed Pedro Pascal’s comeback as Joel Miller as well, but this really goes without saying.

Other than the two main protagonists, it’s currently anyone’s best guess as to which actors will be coming back — not helped by the fact that so few characters survived throughout the season. Gabriel Luna and Rutina Wesley will likely be reprising their roles as Tommy and Maria, though.

It’s also unknown who will be playing the newer characters introduced in the sequel like Dina and Abby, whose importance we won’t spoil here.


Where To Watch The Last Of Us: Season 2

The Last Of Us is an HBO original, and so is the second season. You can only watch them on HBO Max in the US and NOW TV in the UK. After the massive success of the first season, it’s unlikely that HBO will be giving the property up anytime soon.

However, there are some services in other countries that have agreements with HBO that allow them to show HBO originals. Examples are Binge in Australia, Disney+ Hotstar in India, and U-NEXT in Japan. If you live in these areas, these are also where you can expect The Last Of Us: Season 2 to land.

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