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Playlist of the Week: Best of the Year BONUS ROUND – Soundtracks

I know, I know, how dare I drag your collective consciousness kicking and screaming back into 2016, but trust me I have a good reason. It’s all well and good to appreciate all the great albums and singles that came out last year, but in so doing it can be easy to forget that you probably heard some of the best, most imaginative, most painstakingly realised music not while you had your earbuds plugged in, but when you had your eyes on the screen.

Scoring is an art form unto itself and with the triple threat of TV, film and gaming producing more and more amazing music with each passing year, it seemed fitting to close out the ‘Best of the Year’ playlist roster with a 20 track highlight reel of 2016’s best soundtrack music. On here you’ll find a shifting mix of the relaxing, the foreboding, the captivating and the overwhelming in every format from orchestral to electronic to acoustic. It’s also worth mentioning that if you haven’t checked out any of the films/games/shows that these tracks belong to, you absolutely should.


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