Metro Exodus Receives Love From Fans On Steam

Review bombing? More like review glamming.

Metro Exodus review 5

Metro Exodus has been praised even with its controversy, but not on the PC platform you can buy it from. Steam users have mass-praised the game, despite its lack of availability on Steam. Though it’s still playable on the platform, you are incapable of buying the game on Steam due to a decision made by Deep Silver.

Metro Exodus, which we reviewed, was released on February 14th. Before its launch, Deep Silver pulled the rug from under Steam users and announced it would not be available for purchase on the platform any longer. The reason behind this decision is that they chose to side with Epic Games, who have an online store of their own. A part of the deal meant Deep Silver published games would be released to the Epic Games Store as temporary exclusives.

The announcement didn’t sit well with a chunk of fans since this meant they’d have to get Epic Games’ launcher. The game itself did launch on Steam for those who bought the game before the announcement. There are clear cut benefits present for the Steam release. For example, Steam allows for pre-ordered games to be pre-downloaded, which minimizes the time it takes for the player to get playing. The Epic Games Store, however, lacks this feature. Steam also has a review system which Epic Games’ launcher, as you can imagine, does not. But, with that in mind, the games listed on the platform are usually cheaper and more money goes to the developers.

The potential of the next Metro entry not being on PC was even threatened by an unnamed 4A Games employee if the fans chose to boycott the series. But in a short statement, Deep Silver proved that the unnamed employee did not represent the company.

Metro Exodus is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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