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Make Your Own Stranger Things Title With This Awesome Tool

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, you need to regain control of your life and sit yourself down with Netflix for ten hours. Forget your bills, the fact that your cat is probably trying to kill you, and that your toenail is at that weird stage where it’s too short to cut but still looks weird, Stranger Things is all you need. Come back here once you’ve watched it.

Now you’ve done that, you’re probably as in love with the show’s style as the rest of the world. It’s a charmingly throwback mix of neon and the greys of suburban life, making it a must-see for anybody who loved the films and TV shows of the eighties. The most quintessentially eighties thing about the show, though, is its titles, which you can now make your own version of thanks to this tool.

makeitstranger.com features  Stranger Things Type Generator that’s easy to use and allows you two words on two lines to “strangify” your life. We managed to make a few that will soon be displayed around the office as motivational posters.



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Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most successful original shows and will return for a second season before you know it.


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