John Wick To Get Prequel Comic Book Series

Well, this looks cool enough, at least. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Greg Pak, currently writing the Totally Awesome Hulk comic book series, (and also the man who brought us the World War Hulk storyline in 2006), will be scripting a John Wick prequel series to be released by Dynamite Comics in September.

Part of the fun of the original movie was that John Wick was a man of vague origins. Yes, we knew he was a hitman for Viggo Tarasov, and that he was the best in the business, a killer of dangerous killers. But, I don’t know, maybe now we’re going to find out that his parents didn’t love him or his high school sweetheart cheated on him or somesuch?

The other problem with a prequel is that Wick was supposed to have been a very, very evil dude when he worked for Viggo. He was a ruthless killer until he met his wife Helen, who taught him the meaning of true love or some shit. The whole point of the movie was that, having been redeemed, in a sense, he was taking on the bad people he used to work with.

Actually, I have a lot of confidence that this will be an interesting read. These are just some technical challenges that any writer worth their salt will be able to overcome. Pak’s a seasoned comics writer. I’m sure he’ll make it work.

But, seriously, tell me this cover doesn’t look awesome:


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