Our time, for my boys…

Joey Imperi brings you some more of his poetry and this could very well be his best yet.


I miss all the laughter

And even when they bicker

The smiles when I get them

Makes my blood a bit thicker

Time is never fair

It goes by ever so fast

We need to find a way

To make the time we have last

Our time is just that

It is ours alone

Seeing them in real time

So much sweeter than the phone

I have guilt that will never fade

And I will never feel the same

Memories are what is now made

There is nobody to blame

I tell them every chance I get

That I love them so

And give a wry smile

When they sarcastically call me Joe

I am not the same

When they are not here

It is the pain that I wish

Will one day disappear…

I will always be daddy

To the boys I choose to see

Every chance that I get

Is a blessing to me…

Dedicated to Christian and Alexander…

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