INTERVIEW: NIGHTLY Talks Touring And New Music


When their original band had decided to demobilize, it didn’t derail cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta, otherwise known as the band Night, Love You, or NIGHTLY, from continuing to follow their passion.

Capeci and Beretta had left their hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after they had dropped out of college and headed southwest to Nashville, Tennessee. Vocalist Capeci said that it was a tough time when it came down leaving their friends and family behind, but insists that Nashville is “a great place” and is inspired by people who are constantly creating music.

“We work really well together,” Capeci said while referencing his partnership with a family member, “It’s kind of all we know. We’ve been making music with each other since we were really young. Even when we disagree on something. We’ve learned that we have different strengths and weaknesses and try to fill in each other’s gaps.”

When it came down to choosing a name, the two had decided to call themselves NIGHTLY because they wanted something personal. Each song stands as a narrative of what happens in their lives and aimed to reflect this in their title.

Formerly, the pair of cousins were members of their first band Dinner and a Suit, though didn’t struggle when they had chosen to branch off and form their own duo. “[NIGHTLY] happened in a natural way,” Capeci said, “Joey and I just love making music, so nothing was gonna stop us from doing that.”

The band’s genre of music can be described, as what Capeci and Beretta like to say, as alternative-pop music. At the moment, NIGHTLY only has five songs, but are anticipating more new music in the near future. The original EP was released in 2016, but the two-year time difference doesn’t stop them from creating more upcoming content.

Currently, the alt-pop duo is touring through the United States and performing nearly every night at different venues as an opening act for the Christian rapper NF. “It’s amazing [to be on tour]. It’s our dream job, so every night is kinda unreal. we’re really lucky to do what we love and it’s a ton of fun meeting and performing for new people,” Capeci said.

When performing with such a small setlist, the band previews their newer music during their shows. Though they’ve said that it’s been fun for them to play new songs, there isn’t a feeling similar to playing those that people know and will sing back to them, and claim that “there’s no other feeling in the world like [hearing] that.”

As they have more content to be released, NIGHTLY isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. New music will lead to more touring for them, as more “fun things” are coming for fans, as their upcoming pieces are unleashed to the public.

“As corny as it sounds, [we] just [want to keep] making music. That’s why we do what we do; because we love it. We just want to get better at it and do it forever,” Capeci said.

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