Is Immortals of Aveum Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Immortals Of Aveum
Immortals Of Aveum

Offering a lush world for some compelling first-person magic shooter action, Immortals of Aveum could be a major hit for developer Ascendant Studios. A rare non-sequel AAA game from one of the biggest publishers (EA) in the industry is more than enough to put eyes on this release. Do Nintendo Switch fans have something to look forward to with an Immortals of Aveum release?

Many are hoping that its premise and concept, along with the fact that many of Ascendant’s developers come from the dearly defunct Telltale Games, will be enough for the game to do well when it releases August 22nd, 2023. With Immortals of Aveum releasing across Windows, the PS5, and the Xbox Series X & S, the game is certainly poised to do well, but some Nintendo Switch players are wondering if they’ll get to play Immortals of Aveum, as well.


Immortals of Aveum on Nintendo Switch

So, is Immortals of Aveum coming to Nintendo Switch? The answer unfortunately is no at this time. While it would be great to see the game’s unique two-handed combat system on the Switch and everything it offers, the game is currently only slated for the PS5 and Xbox Series X & S. It’s worth noting that the AAA release from the San Rafael, CA based independent studio is only coming to the newest console generation. The fact that Immortals of Aveum is not slated for release for the PS4 or Xbox One either means the game can only be experienced on the latest hardware.

And for those on the fence as to whether or not they should upgrade to a PS5 or Xbox Series X & S, this gorgeous game and its promise of a 25+ hour campaign could be a decision maker. A port to older systems could happen later, if the game is a big enough hit, but there’s no further word on the possibility at this time.


About Immortals of Aveum

Immersing players in a vibrant, detailed open world, Immortals of Aveum puts you in the role and story of Jak. Your journey will take you to joining an elite army of battlemages. It will be your task to interact with this world on a profound level, meeting strange and fascinating characters, and learning the magic and other abilities you will need to be triumphant.

Based on the graphics alone, as well as everything you can do with your character, there’s a lot of enthusiasm that Immortals of Aveum will be the next big thing for first person shooter fans.

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