God of War Ragnarok: Where To Find The Last of Us Easter Egg

GOW Ragnarok TLOU

Considering it’s such a massive game, there should be no surprise to hear that God of War Ragnarok has several easter eggs, one of which is a nod to The Last of Us in the form of a book.

You can find the The Last of Us book as part of the The Weight of Chains favour in Svartaflheim Bay. To unlock this, you must first get the key for the mysterious door by going to the island in the middle of the nearby lake, then banging the drum. Then, the Lynbgbakr will appear.

It’s hard to miss the book itself once you’re climbing around Lyngbakr Island, as it’s right next to a main objective that you have to interact with.

GOW Ragnarok TLOU book
GOW Ragnarok TLOU book

Pick up the book by the third chain you have to break next to the body of the book and you will have another Ksavir Poem, which is a nod to TLOU with Ellie’s iconic tattoo as its cover.

GOW Ragnarok TLOU easter egg
GOW Ragnarok TLOU easter egg

The poem is called We Who Remain, Part The Second, which is a pretty obvious nod to The Last of Us Part II. Here’s how it goes:

What is to live?
What is to die?
Is the only difference
In the beholder’s eye?
When disease rots your body,
When hate sours your brain,
What separates
The mad and the sane?
For the bearder, cruel father
And his surrogate daughter
Shall never know respite
From a life full of slaughter
The evil will die
Along with the good
And the difference between them
Grows less understood

Pretty depressing — it’s The Last of Us alright.

God of War Ragnarok is available on PS5 and PS4.

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