Fortnite: Where To Find The Ferrari Car

Ferrtnite is here.

Ferrari Fortnite
Ferrari Fortnite

The latest in a long line of crossovers has arrived in Fortnite, but not one that many will immediately expect. Arriving alongside some new cosmetics, Fortnite now has a Ferrari car by the name of the Ferrari 296 GTB based on its real life counterpart.

Arriving on July 22nd, 2021 during Chapter 2 – Season 7, this Ferrari car marks the first significant crossover in terms of vehicles in Fortnite, even though there have been homages to others with the cars currently in the game. We might see even more after this, especially with how Fortnite is becoming more and more like a metaverse of different properties than its own thing.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Ferrari car in Fortnite, including where to find it and how fast it can go.


Fortnite Ferrari Car Stats

Top Speed120

The Ferrari car will be replacing the Whiplash, the fastest car in the game, and will basically have the same stats as the Whiplash, which has since been removed. Think of the Ferrari car as a more realistic version of the Mark 51 Iron Man car.

Just like the Whiplash, the Ferrari Car has a boost function, which will allow you to hit top speeds of over 100MPH, and two seats. Also like the Whiplash, the Ferrari car handles less well at top speeds or off-road, so you might need a bit of practice with it.


Fortnite Ferrari Car Locations

The Ferrari car is available everywhere where the Whiplash used to spawn. It’s a fairly common spawn, though not as much as the Islander Prevalent or other, slower vehicles.

The most common spawns for the Ferrari 296 GTB are Retail Row with three different spawns, Lazy Lake with two, and Misty Meadows with two, and many other spots across the maps where just one spawns. We recommend dropping into either Retail or Lazy if you’re trying to do your challenges with the Ferrari 296 GTB.

However, thanks to the way spawns work in Fortnite, there’s a random chance that these cars will even spawn, which is a little frustrating. Just bear that in mind when looking to complete your challenges.


Fortnite Ferrari Challenges

Fortnite Ferrari
Fortnite Ferrari

The following weekly challenges can be completed with the Ferrari 296 GTB, as it replaces the Whiplash:

Reach top speed in a Ferrari 296 GTB – 30,000 XP
Drive a Ferrari 296 GTB through the Storm – 30,000 XP
Complete Ferrari 296 GTB Time Trials – 30,000 XP

You will have until the end of the season to complete these challenges and net a total of 90,000 XP towards your Battle Pass.

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