Fortnite 2: Season 1 – Forged In Slurp: Eliminate Opponents At E.G.O. Outposts Or Retail Row

Bit of an ego trip.

EGO Outpost Locations

‘Forged In Slurp’ is the third mission released with Fortnite: Chapter 2, offering up its challenges during Week 2. A rather interesting week all up challenge wise, which is keeping inline with the massive changes Chapter 2 brought.

This guide is going to focus on ‘Eliminate Opponents At E.G.O Outposts Or Retail Row’. This is a fairly straightforward challenge and not particularly revolutionary as far as challenge design goes, but it does require you to have considerable map knowledge (which is the running theme for this week’s mission) to get through it. This is the seventh challenge in the mission, which means you’ll need to complete four challenges to access it.

To complete this challenge, you need to eliminate three enemies at any one of the E.G.O outposts (which can be determined by the location name that pops up, or the E.G.O flag being flown at the location) or Retail Row.

The E.G.O outposts aren’t particularly large or well traveled outside of the opening two minutes of the match. This means landing at Retail Row is probably going to be your bet as it’s far more notable as a location (being named). However, having knowledge of the E.G.O outpost locations can be quite useful for nabbing either first eliminations or later challenges.

Below is a map of all the E.G.O outposts locations we found, totalling six. Retail Row isn’t circled as it is fairly obvious where it is.


E.G.O Outpost Locations

EGO Outpost Locations

As mentioned, there appears to be six E.G.O outposts with five of them explicitly containing a name with the E.G.O acronym in it. They’re relatively spread out across the map and circled in red.


E.G.O Barracks

EGO Outpost Locations

The least extravagant of the E.G.O outposts, being a set of standard army barracks. You’ll find it at F5 on the main map’s grid, just north of Lazy Lake.


E.G.O Comm Tower

EGO Outpost Locations

The comm tower is located southwest of Misty Meadows, located at D8 on the main map’s grid.


E.G.O Hangar

EGO Outpost Locations

The E.G.O. Hangar, as the name suggests, is a small plane hangar that you can find a short distance away from Holly Hedges to the southwest. Located at B5 on the main map’s grid.


E.G.O Science Station

EGO Outpost Locations

The science station is located on the coast directly west of Pleasant Park. It overlooks the bay full of small islands. Located at C2 on the main map’s grid.


E.G.O Staging Post

EGO Outpost Locations

The staging post is E.G.O.s last named location as is located north of Dirty Docks. It borders on the intersection between G and H on the main map’s grid.



EGO Outpost Locations

The final E.G.O. is not directly named as such, as it is E.G.O.’s secret mountain base facility (huge Stargate SG:1 vibes for any fans out there) and as such its name has been ‘redacted’. The entrance tunnel is located on the north side of a snow capped mountain directly south of Retail Row off a road. G7 on the main map’s grid.

As mentioned earlier, knowing all these locations is somewhat superfluous, considering you can just head to Retail Row every game and pick up some easy frags to complete the challenge. However, this knowledge may come in useful if you’re looking for a safer start by landing at an E.G.O outpost, or later challenges in the season.

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