Cornershop Made Out of Felt Open For Business

Lucy Sparrow cornershop

The cornershop, a  real British staple. A good, ol’ eccentric, another proud feature of British culture. Artist Lucy Sparrow has only gone and combined both. Now, all nations and cultures have their quirks, but no one does eccentricity or just plain barmy like us Brits. Don’t get me wrong, Japan has got batshit insane down to a fine art form, but damn it, we invented this shit.

So what kind of kooky have we got on offer here? Well, there’s not a lot more that I can say, other than our good Sparrow here has only gone and opened a cornershop made out of felt. Yup, you read rightly there, provided what you read was that Lucy Sparrow has opened a cornershop made out of felt. Now, if you’re curious as to how that might look, and work, well it just so happens there’s a handy tour video in which Lucy shows you around.

You see, it might look like any old cornershop from the outside, but on the inside you quickly discover all the bare essentials of your average British cornershop are in fact sewn felt representations of those very same bare essentials. Oh, and, to break a nation’s heart, that includes the booze – it’s just not possible to glug down these cans of extra strength lager or spin swig flagons of cider.

The shop on the whole acts as an art installation, one that took Sparrow and her assistant 7 months to create all the 4,000 items on display for. However, the items are actually on sale as well, but they’re not your regular cornershop prices unfortunately; a pint of milk will set you back £20. If that doesn’t quite tickle your pickle, you can always have a snoop at her Sew Your Soul website (HERE) to check out her other art.

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