The Farce Series

Alex Davies intoduces The Farce Series, a new feature on Cultured Vultures.


farce  (färs)


1.         a. A light dramatic work in which highly improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters, and often slapstick elements are used for humorous effect.

b. The branch of literature constituting such works.

c. The broad or spirited humor characteristic of such works.

2.         A ludicrous, empty show; a mockery.

3.         A seasoned stuffing, as for roasted turkey.

I find it important to include all three definitions. The first, by its very explanation, covers the following musings and the thoughts that perpetuate themselves in my conscious being. The thoughts that only I seem to have and the ideas that people look at me funnily for sharing. I’ve decided I needed somewhere for my farcical mind’s bizarre backflips and this series is it.

The second definition is also appropriate in the way that every person’s opinion is essentially a farce. Without every relevant fact weighed up, nobody can be fully accurate and trying to be is almost a mockery of the subject itself. To start off, my first slightly odd farcical pasture is the word itself.

 Only a word, that’s very meaning is of mockery mocking itself. The first two meanings of the word are implicit, and indeed appropriate. The third definition makes a farce of farce…

Now, it may be that by checking for the definition of farce, I leave myself open to criticism with the expectation that by skirting such entities as the Oxford English, I have gained a result that may be expectedly unorthodox. Personally, I like it, even if I have no logic with which to defend my choice.

 Farces arise every day and the more you look for them, the more you find. They can be particularly frustrating but that’s sort of the point as the things that frustrate me are farcical in my own mind. That is what this episodical feature is for: a venting ground for my frustrations and a place for me to ramble on. If people don’t agree, then that is up to them as these are my annoyances.

From politics to television, these are the things that unbalance my teetering mind atop the cliff of insanity.

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