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Elite: Dangerous Players Finally Found Thargoids, The Game’s Aliens

Ever since it launched, Elite: Dangerous players have been questioning something, looking for clues and exploring every inch of the galaxy they can to try to find an answer.

Where are the aliens?

Either by total accident or algorithm, a player on Xbox One looks like the first to have had a first encounter with the aliens in the game, known as Thargoids, a race stretching back to the original Elite.

And it seems like developer Frontier Games were waiting for just this, tweeting something out to confirm that aliens had finally arrived.

The alien ship pulled DP Sayre out of hyper space while he was travelling from PLEIADES SECTOR OI-T C3-8 to Aries dark region xu-o b6-3 and disabled his ship before seemingly measuring him up. Unsatisfied, what seems to be a scout ship moves on. Apart from that, the player doesn’t seem to be able to interact with the pseudo-cutscene (unless they have dropped a log in their pants), so take this as a teaser for bigger things in the future.

The revelation first came to light on Reddit and has acted as the catalyst for plenty of other gamers to experience the same event.

Where does the game go from here? While it’s still too soon to imagine anything particularly meaningful happening, this is a pretty fantastic way to start 2017 for Elite: Dangerous players.


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