Donald Trump: A Penis Portrait

donald trump dick pic
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Donald Trump is a divisive sort of chap. However, thanks to the work of Tumblr user ‘homopower’ you could just as easily describe him as dickvisive. That is, if you were so inclined as to enjoy truly terrible plays on words. The reason being that, yes, homopower decided to pay tribute to potential Republican presidential candidate and permanent bad hair day, Donald Trump, by way of a mosaic made of dicks; a mosaidick if you’re still of the terrible wordplay persuasion.

homopower was lead to create his collage of cocks (a cocklage if you will… I’ll stop) after Saturday Night Love made the decision to have him back on to host again recently, only adding fuel to his campaign fire;

‘Someone once made a photo mosaic pic of conservative republican politician Rick Santorum using porn images. I thought I’d go one better, in lieu of SNL letting him host last night. I give you a pic showing what Donald Trump is really made of.’

Two wrongs may not make a right, but 500 dicks definitely make one massive bellend.

donald trump dick pic

And if you’d like to have a closer inspection of those pics, and why wouldn’t you, here’s an obviously NSFW close up.

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