Devil May Comeback: Website Domain Registered For Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 4

It looks like E3 is about to get a lot more “Stylish”. Devil May Cry 5, the long-awaited, long rumored, sequel to 2008’s Devil May Cry 4 has entered the spotlight once more as fans have noticed a domain name registered for the game, as ResetEra users discovered.

The domain name had been registered on May 18, and it didn’t take fans long to uncover the truth behind this domain and determine its legitimacy. After some heavy internet digging, it was revealed that the domain was registered by GMO Internet, Inc,. That name may sound familiar to some, as it belongs to the Japanese company that previously registered website domains for other Capcom titles like Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 7. This just provides more proof of the Devil May Cry 5 register, and the game itself, being a real thing.

The last time we saw the Devil May Cry franchise and its demon-slaying protagonist Dante was back in 2013, with the release of DMC: Devil May Cry, the soft reboot/alternate take on the series. While that game was met with mixed reviews, fans have been anxiously waiting for the next time they could dual wield pistols and knock down the devil’s door. With this domain registration, and with E3 just around the corner, it’s safe to say we won’t have to wait that much longer before we finally get to see what the original Dante has been up to all these years.

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