Destiny 2 Xur Location and Shop (January 24th, 2020) (UPDATED)

Find the slippery devil this week.

Xur Destiny 2

UPDATE: Good news, everyone – we’ve found Xur. The sneaky shopkeeper can be found loitering on Titan, in The Rig area.

Use the image below (courtesy of to pinpoint the tentacle-faced peddler.

Xur Map

Is Xur worth visiting today? Here’s what he’s offering to players in exchange for Legendary Shards.


Xue Inventory January 24th

WeaponMonte Carlo
This exotic auto rifle is much sought-after for its exotic perks, the Monte Carlo method and Markov Chain.

The former helps recharge melee abilities quicker when dealing weapon damage, while the latter gives the weapon increased damage after melee kills – as well as bonus ammo.

What that translates to is the ability to send your Guardian flying in with a near constant supply of melee moves, all while dealing bonus damage with the Monte Carlo.

Hunter ArmourOrpheus Rig
These snazzy boots are some of the best exotics for Hunter Guardians – if you’re using Nightstalker. They boost your energy for every enemy tethered by your Shadowshot arrow – meaning one well placed super in PVE or PVE can turn you into a monster.

Titan ArmourActium War Rig
Perfectly paired with Monte Carlo (or any auto-rifle), this exotic chest piece will steadily reload an auto-rifle’s magazine.

Warlock ArmourVerity’s Brow
This exotic helmet will recharge your grenade abilities with energy weapon kills, so it’s worth switching to whatever is in your second slot.

Anything else?

Yes, actually. Xur is offering an Isochronal Engram for 97 shards, which is guaranteed to unlock an exotic you haven’t got from years one and two.

ORIGINAL STORY: Destiny 2 is well into its “Season of Dawning” on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia, but Friday has yet again bought Xur back for Guardians in search of Exotic weapons and armour.

The mysterious Agent of the Nine won’t be here until 5pm UK time (9am PST, 12PM EST, and 6pm CET), but we’ll be updating this post as soon as we’ve located the elusive merchant – and found out what he’s offering intrepid adventurers this time.

For those that are new to Destiny 2, Xur is a vendor that sells Exotic items and other curios, and his inventory rotates on a weekly basis. He’ll appear at a location every Friday evening, but will leave the game on Tuesday at 10am – when Bungie resets the game world for the next week’s activities.

Visiting Xur guarantees three pieces of exotic armour (one for each class), and an exotic weapon – so he’s well worth checking in on and while hardcore players have likely racked up dozens of exotic pieces of gear since Destiny 2 launched in 2017, those looking to plug any gaps in their collections can pick up a special Ischronal Engram.

These are limited to one per week, but are guaranteed to unlock one exotic from the first two years of Destiny 2 that the player hasn’t unlocked yet.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Tips

While we don’t know what he’ll be offering until later today, we do know what he had last week – and it would be a safe bet none of these will be popping up again.

Last week, Xur offered the Colony Grenade Launcher for all Guardians, while Hunter’s got Shinobu’s Vow gauntlets, Titans could snag the Mask of the Quiet One, and Lunafaction Boots were on offer for Warlocks.

You might be wondering how you pay for these items, and the answer is simple – Xur trades solely in Legendary Shards. This currency can be earned in plenty of different ways, with the easiest way just being to dismantle any Legendary items in your inventory that you no longer want or need.

Doing so gives you three shards, while dismantling exotic gear awards five, but it’s worth levelling up your season pass to earn bonus shards.

You can also pick up more shards from Spider, the vendor on The Tangled Shore. These are exchanged with other materials, but Spider can be quite expensive. If we’re honest, you’ll probably earn more shards than you know what to do with just by playing the game for a few hours!

Check back in at 5pm for our full rundown of Xur’s inventory.

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