Daily Tune: Cave Paint – Dementia

There’s a particular brand of post-rock, seemingly influenced by everything from metal to classic to jazz fusion. It’s a zone filled with demanding bass playing, impossible drumming, rippling, high pitched guitar and the kind of sudden crescendos that send jolts all the way down your spine. In many ways, the legacy of this kind of music belongs to Tortoise, but it’s so varied that crediting to any one band is very reductive, and when newcomers arrive, it’s very exciting.

Cave Paint aren’t complete newcomers, they’ve been active for a few years now, but their latest EP, Ways Away, has been getting them a lot of new attention. The EP itself has actually been in development for about five years, marred by shifting band membership, re-recordings and even the death of a very close friend (who the EP is dedicated to). Now it’s out though, and it’s one of the most interesting post-rock releases of the year. Flying Out Windows is the leading single but if you ask me, Dementia is the standout track on the album, not least because of the phenomenal bass work.

Structurally it’s not overly complex, especially when compared to the band’s other material, but it’s an ideal showcase for the talent of each individual member, and a perfect introduction for anyone who hasn’t heard them before. Now that more people are waking up to just how good Cave Paint are, hopefully we can expect more material in the near future.

You can stream and download Ways Away here.

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