Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon May Still Return

Sleep now, old king.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

As someone who has seen too many video game trailers for one lifetime, it takes a lot to get me excited. Even though I’m not a regular player, the huge reveal for Apex Legends Season 3 (which also goes by ‘Meltdown’) did just that, introducing a whole new map by the name of World’s Edge.

Considerably more vibrant and alive than the classic Kings Canyon, World’s Edge will feature distinct biomes and its own personality, what with it being featured on a brand new planet and all.

But what happens now to Kings Canyon? Respawn shared during the patch notes for Season 3 that while Kings Canyon would not be a part of it immediately, it may return at some point during the season.

“For the start of Season 3 World’s Edge will be the only playable map across both regular and ranked matches. As the season progresses we’ll be looking at data, sentiment, and feedback to help us determine the best way to bring Kings Canyon back into the mix.”

This was somewhat expected, what with the lore of Apex explaining that the Legends had to change location following Crypto’s shenanigans at Kings Canyon during Season 2 turning it into a right mess.

It’s a shame, though. A lot of memories were made in Kings Canyon: the grunts of dissatisfaction when someone wanted to land in The Pit, the joy of landing at Skull Town and not immediately dying, and the sensation of being the first into Bunker as Caustic.

If they were to end up bringing Kings Canyon back, it is Halloween soon. Just saying.

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