Acid Attack Survivor Posts Important YouTube Makeup Tutorial

Beauty can be as easily bought through products that are easily accessible and available, as it can also be taken away just as easily through products that are easily accessible and available. There have been countless cases in which women have been attacked with the use of sulphuric acid. Each time a case like this arises, all we can do is curse the attacker.

Here in the UK ,there’s more coverage and acknowledgement of this. However in countries on the up such as India, there are remote areas where these cases are unheard of but do happen. But Reshma spoke out in a charmingly unorthodox way, not just about her case, in fact, she doesn’t mention herself at all; however she did speak out on behalf of the world’s victims of acid attacks.

Reshma is much like any other 18 year old, high on dreams and aspirations. She was in Allahabad, India, with her sister, when her brother-in-law attacked her with sulphuric acid on the 19th of May 2014. This resulted in the loss of her right eye, and the disfiguration of her face, but rather than making a ‘pity’ video or staying quiet, Reshma utilised a source used by us all, YouTube, with her video formatted much like a make-up tutorial, which os very popular among the younger generation. So you could say this was a way of tackling ignorance as well as creating a solution.

The video starts off like any make-up tutorial would, by going step-by-step to achieve those “perfect red lips”. Unlike nearly every other YouTuber, wanting to gain views and popularity by promoting and selling a product that they’re using, Reshma does the complete opposite, and wants to discontinue the selling of sulphuric acid in such accessible manors.

For this to happen to anyone, will not only damage you externally, but also internally, shattering that inner-beauty we’re all told about when we start having doubts about the way we look. Reshma is still recovering, externally she’s undergone several cosmetic surgeries, and possibly more, but internally, by the looks of this video, it looks like she’s made a good recovery.

Petitions have gotten us far recently, with cannabis being a hot topic in the Houses of Parliament. There’s a petition for banning the open sale of sulphuric acid. Will you sign it?

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