When WWE Tables Don’t Break

Get the tables

Get the tables

Grant yourself one Jim Ross holler if you know who these two above are. You’ve lived a good life.

Wrestling is a tricky thing and you might remember when we covered some of the best wrestling botches a little while back. Give that a look if you want any more reasons to think why the sport is amazingly fake.

If you’ve ever sat through an episode of RAW or endured Smackdown(what has happened to that show?) then you will no doubt have seen at least one fuck-up. What looks like one of the most painful fuck-ups imaginable is when a table doesn’t break after 200+ pounds of muscled dude slam through it.

“Sometimes it’s the body, and not the table, that breaks first. Watch the painful moments in WWE history when Superstars’ attempts to put each other through furniture were dashed by unbreakable tables.” – the descrition from the video below.

Dare you to say that even though it’s fake, professional wrestling is for wimps.

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