Wes Anderson Begins Production on New Animated Film

Source: eskipaper.com

2014 saw the release of Wes Anderson’s last film The Grand Budapest Hotel, a critical and commercial success, but now two years have passed and many fans of the auteur director are eagerly awaiting another dose of wonderfully stylised cinematic charm. Well, the wait may be shorter than anticipated as the director has suggested that work has already begun on a new project.

Though details are still very few and far between, we know that it will be a stop-motion animation, very similar to the style of Anderson’s previous venture into the animated realm Fantastic Mr Fox. The narrative is rumoured to follow the lives of dogs and Jeff Goldblum has already confirmed he shall be voicing one the characters alongside Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton and Bill Murray. The return of some Wes Anderson regulars is certainly a reassuring thing although information of the roles they will be playing is still unknown.

Source: rotoscopers.com
Source: rotoscopers.com

In an interview with GQ, Anderson confirmed that production has actually started on the new project which is good news for any particularly impatient fans. In the interview he said:

“I’ve got an animated movie I’m doing that’s happening across the room from me right now. So I can see a long list of e-mails from people on the set whom I now need to address,”

If production goes smoothly we can probably expect to see the film hitting theatres by 2018 though at this point it really is anyone’s guess. Regardless of how long we may have to wait, the fact that a new Wes Anderson film is on the way is certainly cause for celebration and the news that it is already in production makes it all the sweeter.

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