Warrior: Season 4 – Everything You Should Know

Fighting for a fourth.


Originally airing as a part of Cinemax’s first-party productions in 2019, Warrior has since had one hell of a ride. From being canceled by Cinemax to getting a revival on HBO Max all within the span of three years, the show has become as legendary as the Chinatown exploits of its protagonist. With the third season now behind us, disciples of the martial arts are wondering when Warrior: Season 4 will air, but the answer to that isn’t as straightforward as we’d like.

Max hasn’t been vocal about whether Warrior: Season 4 is in the works. Despite a critically acclaimed third season, the series’ renewal status is still pending, though to be fair, the show just recently finished airing, so a little wait is in order. The cast is just as hopeful as we are for how the Tong Wars play out next, and here’s every update about them you need to know.


When Is Warrior: Season 4 Coming Out?

Unfortunately, Warrior: Season 4 does not have a release date. Ever since the messy Warner Bros. Discovery merger, the state of the streaming service has been a little wild. Series like Westworld have been canceled left and right, but not to fret as Warrior wasn’t one of them. The third season had a strong reception, and at the moment, it only feels like a matter of time before Max gives the go-ahead on the fourth.

In a recent interview with Inverse, Andrew Koji opened up about how playing Ah Sahm changed his life while also mentioning what the future holds for the character. He said the cast wasn’t sure whether there would be a Warrior: Season 4, and that things mostly depend on how well Season 3 performs, though he followed that up by saying “We’ve got a very good chance”. He further added that if the show gets renewed soon, they’ll be back filming next year, so you can assume that if everything goes smoothly, Warrior: Season 4 should be out in 2025.


Who Is In The Cast of Warrior: Season 4?

The revival season finale was nothing short of flabbergasting. Ah Sahm chose his sister Mai Ling over the Hop Wei, Chao got stabbed (possibly to death) by Zing, and Dylan was seen rising to power in the political world, but despite the high-stakes final episode, all major players in the Tong Wars are very much alive, so none of your favorite characters will be missing in Warrior: Season 4, except for well Hoon Lee‘s Chao if he in fact is dead.

Andrew Koji will also return once again as Ah Sahm, and Dianne Doan as the former leader of the Long Zii, Mai Ling. Other cast members sure to reprise their roles in Warrior: Season 4 include Kieran Bew as Chief Bill O’Hara, Jason Tobin as Young Jun, Olivia Cheng as Ah Toy, Tom Weston-Jones as Lee, Dean Jagger as Dylan Leary, as well as plenty more of the show’s supporting cast.

Warrior’s amazing story based on Bruce Lee’s idea about a martial artist’s struggles in the late 1870s instantly attracted viewers when it first debuted, and that premise is still holding up for fans years later. Max’s Warrior: Season 4 might not be set in stone yet like Netflix’s Arcane: Season 2, but the show has come back from worse, and presently it’s in a great place, so glad tidings shouldn’t be too far off now.

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