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15 The Walking Dead Tattoos Better Than Season 2

As we slowly crawl our way towards the new season of The Walking Dead like the bicycle zombie from the show’s first episode, it’s time to celebrate the show’s fans. From a small but dedicated fanbase in season one up until the juggernaut collection of obsessives in season 7, we’ve always been a pretty passionate bunch.

So, what better way to celebrate the show than to get your very own The Walking Dead tattoo? As these people found out, it’s an idea that works out really well – the aesthetics of the show translate to the skin amazingly well, particularly if you like all things macabre.

Which is your favourite?

1. Don’t Dead Open Inside (source: tattoo-swag.com)

The Walking Dead Tattoo


2. Two of the most memorable moments of the first episode collide (source: forumgeek.com)

The Walking Dead Tattoo


3. Now three (source: zombiesandtoys.com)

The Walking Dead tattoo


4. We all know Merle is up in heaven kicking the shit out of someone


5. Spare ribs are everybody’s favourite (source: tattoostime.com)

the walking dead tattoo


6. That detailing…

The Walking Dead tat


7. …and again…

daryl dixon tattoo


8. …okay this is just getting crazy now.

The Walking dead sleeve


9. CORAL, get my best angle.

Rick Grimes


10. One of the show’s most memorable quotes

The Walking Dead tattoos


11. Don’t Dead Inside Open

the walking dead tattoos


12. I miss this asshole

zombie shane tattoo


13. Inside open don’t dead

Inside Open Don't Dead
Source: reddit


14. Okay, we have a winner.

The Walking Dead tattoos


15. Let’s end on this note.

The walking dead tattoos


Get paid.