Vote In The 2018 CV Awards

A chance to recognise some of our best pieces of 2018.


We’ve had a great year at Cultured Vultures, so we wanted to look back and celebrate some of our favourite articles from 2018.

Below you’ll find a mix of nominations from across the board: some have been nominated by the editors, others by the writers themselves.

Vote for your favourite and they could win a cash prize! The poll is at the bottom.

1. A Tribute To Those Who Take Us To The Movies | Chancey Plagman

2. Ned Flanders, My Friend | Huw Saunders

3. Embracing The End | Anna Gooding-Call

4. From Freaks To Me Before You | Zoe Crombie

5. Harry Potter and the Evolution of Gaming | Léon Othenin-Girard



Voting closes December 13th at noon GMT.

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