The Queen’s Gambit: Season 2 – Everything You Should Know

The Queen's Gambit
The Queen's Gambit

It’s been a while since we last saw chess prodigy Beth Harmon outplay her opponents in The Queen’s Gambit. The Netflix show became a surprise hit when it premiered in 2020, winning several awards for its overall quality and, unsurprisingly, Anya Taylor-Joy’s performance. Considering its popularity, you might think Netflix greenlighting The Queen’s Gambit: Season 2 isn’t entirely out of the question.

However, it’s been almost three years, and we’ve yet to see another season of The Queen’s Gambit. You may wonder what’s taking Netflix so long or if Season 2 will even be made in the first place. Will they keep playing or resign? Here’s everything to know about The Queen’s Gambit: Season 2.


When Will The Queen’s Gambit: Season 2 Be Released?

Sadly, The Queen’s Gambit: Season 2 has no official release date. It’s also likely that Netflix will not produce another season of the highly-renowned chess drama. You see, The Queen’s Gambit was set to be a limited series, which meant the show would have a few episodes, one season, and the main storyline would be resolved by its finale.

And they did just that, as the show’s producers are happy with where they left off with Season 1. “I feel like we told the story we wanted to tell, and I worry — let me put it differently — I’m terrified that if we try to tell more, we will ruin what we’ve already told,” series director Scott Frank told Deadline. Executive producer William Horberg also added that the series had a satisfying endpoint, and they’d allow the audience to fill in the space for what happens next in Beth’s story.


Will The Cast Return For The Queen’s Gambit: Season 2?

Considering the show has ended after only one season, it’s unlikely that you’ll see the cast return for another season. Nonetheless, in an interview with Town & Country, Anya Taylor-Joy expressed interest in returning when she said: “If I’ve learned anything from being in this industry, it’s never say never. I adore the character, and I would certainly come back if I was asked to, but I do think we leave Beth in a good place.”

Harry Melling, known for his role as Harry Beltik, also told T&C, “It’d be good, right, a Queen’s Gambit part two? The place we end in the limited series is the place we end in the book. I don’t know if there can be another one, but stranger things have happened.” With how the cast feels, they might reprise their roles if Netflix and the producers have a change of heart.


What Could The Queen’s Gambit: Season 2 Be About?

If The Queen’s Gambit: Season 2 were to be made, it’s still unclear what its plot will be. The Queen’s Gambit is based on a 1983 novel of the same name by Walter Tevis, and as previously mentioned, the place where Season 1 ended is also the same place where the book ends. So, if Netflix were to move forward with Season 2, the show’s writers would have to think of an original story separate from the book.

One potential storyline that Anya Taylor-Joy suggested is to see Beth as a mother. Since Beth finally managed to become sober and aware of the demons that pull her down, Taylor-Joy is interested in exploring that path for Beth Harmon’s character.

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