The Gilded Age: Season 2 – Everything You Should Know

the gilded age

The Gilded Age is a fictionalised historical drama set during the late 19th century, specifically during a period known as the Gilded Age – hence the title. This was a time of rapid economic growth that was particularly felt in the Northern and Western United States. Written by Julian Fellowes of Downtown Abbey fame, the first season focused on the intricacies of upper-class society in New York during this period, of new money competing against old-established families and the servants who tended to their every need. With the conclusion of the first season, fans are eagerly anticipating to see when The Gilded Age: Season 2 will be released.


When Is The Gilded Age: Season 2 Coming Out?

There has been a lot of speculation about the release of Season 2. One particular moment of interest is when actor Nathan Lane, who plays Ward McAllister, said in an interview that the second season wouldn’t be coming out until September of this year. So that means we won’t have to wait long until it comes out, right?

Well, not really. Concrete details about the show’s future are murkier. Sources say that the second season is in production for months now, but HBO hasn’t announced an official date for when the sequel season is coming out. Also, strike action from actors and writers in the industry will certainly postpone any work in progress. So, it is in development, but when it’ll come out is a different story.


Will the Cast Return for The Gilded Age: Season 2?

The majority of established characters will be returning for The Gilded Age: Season 2, such as Christine Baranski as Agnes Van Rhijn and Louisa Jacobson as the principal heroine, Marian Brook.

In fact, most of the actors from Season 1 will be returning, with the only exception being Thomas Coccquerel, who won’t be reprising his role as the lawyer Tom Raikes. In addition to the returning cast, there will be new faces appearing, such as Robert Sean Leonard, Laura Benanti and many more.


What Could The Gilded Age: Season 2 Be About?

There were subplots that The Gilded Age: Season 1 ended on that fans will be looking forward to continuing, like the continued social war between the families, the romance between Marian and Tom Raikes splitting up, and last but not least, the revelation that Peggy’s father fabricated the death of her child, resulting in Peggy and her mother going to Philadelphia to look for her son.

Some of the plot points might be easier to predict than others – with Coccquerel leaving the show, that subplot has pretty much concluded, so it is likely that Marian will have a new romantic interest. However, Peggy’s search will almost certainly become a major plot point for the upcoming season, as well as the continued conflicts within New York’s high society.

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