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Teen Titans
Teen Titans

Do you ever just scroll through Cartoon Network’s selection and think to yourself, whatever happened to the 2003 Teen Titans? Sure, Teen Titans Go! is still around, but that just isn’t the same. Where is Teen Titans: Season 6?

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy were making it big long before the modern superhero craze Marvel started. But then, like Batman when you turn your back, the Teen Titans suddenly vanished. Here’s everything you need to know about Teen Titans: Season 6.


When Is Teen Titans: Season 6 Coming Out?

If you’re still hanging on to hope after a decade, it might be time to let go. Teen Titans: Season 6 is almost surely never happening. It was canceled shortly before the end of Season 5.

The exact reason for its cancellation isn’t really known. Multiple conflicting stories from people on the inside emerged; so it’s hard to figure out the truth. Here are the biggest theories.

The first theory comes from Wil Wheaton, the voice of Aqualad, who says Warner Bros. canceled the show. Apparently, new higher-ups from Warner Bros. came one day and asked all current shows to re-pitch, and for some reason, they didn’t like what Teen Titans had to offer.

On the other hand, story editor Rob Hoegee claims it was Cartoon Network that canceled the show and that it was revealed to them during the writing phase.

Show producer David Slack provides two possible reasons for the cancellation. The first was a drop in ratings because Season 4 was supposedly too “scary”. The second reason is that Mattel, the toy company, wanted to stop the show after Bandai earned the Teen Titans toy deal.

A tiny bit of hope emerged during the Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans Movie. Director Jeff Mednikow hinted at a potential Teen Titans: Season 6 if the movie did well. Unfortunately, the movie isn’t just a flop, it is one of the lowest-selling DC Animation features, earning only $751,079 domestically.


What Could Teen Titans: Season 6 Be About?

Depending on which rumor you choose to believe, a script, or at least a pitch, for Teen Titans: Season 6 was started. Apart from rumors about the cause of cancellation, multiple rumors about the potential plot of Teen Titans: Season 6 have also surfaced.

Supposedly, Season 6 was to be called the New Teen Titans. It was going to have Starfire as the central character, with her older sister Blackfire as the main antagonist.

Terra, who either lost her memory or doesn’t want anything to do with the Titans anymore, would return.

In 2021, series artist Derrick Wyatt confirmed that the White Monster from the Season 5 finale was some sort of multiversal creature. So, the multiverse could have also played a big part in the Season 6 plot.


Teen Titans: Season 6 Cast

If Teen Titans: Season 6 came out, will the cast even stay the same? You’d think that after all these years, the voice actors would need to be different. Well, think again. The cast members who voiced the original Titans have been voicing their counterparts in Teen Titans Go! for years. They’re still doing it to this day, so they can definitely come back for Season 6.

  • Scott Menville as Robin / Nightwing
  • Hynden Walch as Starfire and Blackfire
  • Khary Payton as Cyborg
  • Tara Strong as Raven
  • Greg Cipes as Beast Boy


Where To Watch Teen Titans In The US

Even though it’s an old show, there are still a lot of sources for Teen Titans in the US. You can stream the first five seasons on Amazon Prime Video and Max. You can also buy it from Apple TV.

Another source is Google Play. However, they only have the first four seasons there. You’d have to watch the last season elsewhere.


Where To Watch Teen Titans In The UK

Watching Teen Titans in the UK is a little trickier. The only source that has the complete show is Amazon Prime Video.

Other platforms are Apple TV and Google Play, but both only have the first three seasons. Weirdly, these platforms have fewer episodes than their US counterparts, but using a VPN will allow you to access those versions.


How Many Episodes Will Teen Titans: Season 6 Have?

Every previous season had 13 episodes so Teen Titans: Season 6 would likely have the same.

Teen Titans Go! Seasons have 52 episodes each, but its episodes are way shorter than a regular cartoon’s. It’s not likely for Season 6 of the original series to copy that format.


Does Teen Titans: Season 6 Have A Trailer?

Despite all the demand from fans wishing for its return, Teen Titans: Season 6 never got a trailer. Season 6 was canceled before a final script was even produced. So, unfortunately, a trailer couldn’t have been made.

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