Super Mario Odyssey Releases On Nintendo Switch This October

Are you going to be picking up Odyssey on Switch?

The Nintendo Treehouse went live today, and we got see more of what’s in store for the Switch’s standalone Mario title.

Mario Odyssey has borrowed a bit from Majora’s Mask, as Mario is able to toss his hat onto other characters and temporarily become them, whether it’s Bullet Bill or a Koopa Trooper or a fish. The hat also serves to break bricks, collect coins, and use as a platform for hopping onto. Power-ups are not present in this game, as the hat replaces that mechanic.

The various worlds to explore range from a dinosaur island to a booking downtown city celebrating its centennial. So far, in the same way that developers did with Breath of the Wild, new life is being breathed into a franchise that almost started getting stale with the less than stellar 3D Mario World.

Mario Odyssey is set to release this October 27th.

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