Suicide Squad Isekai Anime – Everything You Should Know

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Suicide Squad Isekai
Suicide Squad Isekai

The famous animator of Attack on Titan, Studio Wit, is collaborating with DC Comics, and what they’ve produced is a kooky fantasy anime titled Suicide Squad Isekai. As shocking as the premise of the infamous Suicide Squad being teleported to another world sounds, the reveal trailer made it look very epic, so now everybody’s aching to know more.

The Suicide Squad Isekai anime is going to be a happy-go-lucky take on the isekai genre, and if you’re curious about when it drops, then you’ve come to the right place.


When Is The Suicide Squad Isekai Anime Coming Out?

Unfortunately, the Suicide Squad Isekai anime does not have a release date. Studio Wit announced the anime in early July, and it’ll be a while before they confirm the rest of the particulars. That said, DC fans are sure early 2024 is when it’s coming out.

Wit dropped the teaser for the Suicide Squad Isekai anime during the Anime Expo 2023. The event also gave us a glimpse at many anticipated upcoming shows like the newest Baki season and Beastars: Season 3, but yeah, none were as exciting as seeing the Joker letting loose. And speaking of letting loose, since Studio Wit will be releasing Spy X Family: Season 2 in Fall 2023, an early 2024 release date for the Suicide Squad Isekai anime lines up perfectly, so keep an eye out.


What Is The Suicide Squad Isekai Anime About? (Spoiler Alert)

Since the Suicide Squad Isekai anime reveal happened recently, Studio Wit hasn’t spilled the beans about everything just yet, though if you keep in mind that the anime literally has Isekai in its name, and check out the comical 40-second trailer, you can see that Task Force X is somehow teleported to a fantasy world filled with monster — not that Joker and Harley are any different.

The plot details are unknown too, but Amanda Waller, Joker, and Harley were heavily featured in the teaser along with some Dragons and an army of monsters, so you should expect an insanely carefree experience.


Which Studio Is Making The Suicide Squad Isekai Anime?

The Suicide Squad Isekai anime is being made by Studio Wit. DC landed itself the jackpot with Wit, the studio is one of the best animators in the industry and it’s made some of the greatest and thought-provoking anime of our generation.

Suicide Squad Isekai’s trailer definitely shows Wit’s stunning art style at its best. Joker, Harley, and the entire Task Force X are cuckoo characters, and Wit’s colorful animation from the teaser beautifully uplifts the team. However, if you’re unfamiliar with how good Wit really is, check out Great Pretender as it’s among their best.


Where Will Suicide Squad Isekai Anime Be Aired?

While it hasn’t been confirmed where the Suicide Squad Isekai anime will air, odds are that it’ll be streaming next year on Max exclusively. It is a DC show after all and Max is where every DC release eventually winds up. There’s a chance Crunchyroll might stream the anime too, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

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